Here Is Why I Think Everyone Should Read Sudha Murthy’s Books

During this confinement period, why not get more into reading and pick up a Sudha Murthy book and have your world change forever.

During this confinement period, why not get more into reading and pick up a Sudha Murthy book and have your world change forever.

Sudha Murty is undoubtedly one of the most favourite authors of every reader, especially in India. But if you are someone who hasn’t yet read Sudha Murthy’s work, you need to pick up one of her titles sooner rather than later.

Her books are precious, always. 

Children Friendly

Sudha Murty is an author of more than 15 children books which inculcate important values in you along with the habit of reading. One of the reasons why children of the country love her is because she writes the truth and understands the reader (the child) even though one has not met one another. There is a certain bond which is created because of the story she narrates via a book which binds them together.

Down to Earth

Despite all her achievements and the hours she has received, Shudha Murty has never let simplicity and kindness leave her. She has always been approachable and has always shown an attitude of love, tenderness and helpfulness. Often, people who receive fame for their work tend to be arrogant but you wouldn’t find a trace of arrogance if you ever meet her in person.

Life Principles

Though never clearly talked about, when you read nonfiction books written by Sudha Murtywhich are often her own personal stories, you shall understand the principles she lives by and leads her life with. The stories shared help the reader find faith and hope to do better things for humanity.

Recommendation – One of her recent books, Three Thousand Stitches has been widely loved and celebrated for the stories shared in and the wisdom it holds. One must definitely read the book at least once in their lifetime and be it, at the earliest if possible.

New Readers

If you have only started reading or are looking for a book to start reading as your first book, then Sudha Murty’s books will not only help you inculcate this habit but shall also make you want to read more books by her. Her books are very consciously written, narrated in a very simple language, and always finds its way to the reader’s heart.

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Varieties and Diversities

When one talks about Sudha Murty, one does not talk about one particular book. She is an author of more than 80 books written in English and Bengali.

So you see? You already have a list of books to select your next Sudha Murty read. Children books, fiction reads, on fiction reads, mythological reads, stories about family bonds and so much more!

For starters, you must start with Wise and Otherwise, The House of Cards, The Old man and the sea, Three Thousand Stitches, and much more!

There honestly is no reason why you mustn’t read Sudha Murty’s books. I have read and at times, reread her work. So great is the simplicity and the wisdom she offers! 

In case you need the motivation to start reading a book by her, I have started a book club along with a fellow reader called ‘Sudha Murty’s Book Club’. It is a fan page where we talk about books by Sudha Murty, buddy read and hold book discussions at the end of every month.

What better than to read books with others and then get to talk about the same and share your views? 

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