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Posted: May 3, 2020

Women assume so many roles and responsibilities throughout their lives. It is our time to recognise and celebrate the many feats they have achieved.

She’s a mother.
She’s a daughter.
She’s a friend, sister and wife.
She’s an important part of everyone’s life.

She cooks.
She cleans.
She’s hardworking,loving and wise.
Yet her efforts to make people happy never suffice.

You expect her to make dishes of variety.
You expect her to manage household as per the standards of society.
Family expects her to be traditional, husband expects her to be modern.
She tries hard to satisfy all with a beautiful smile.
You’ll know how hard it is,just walk in her shoes for a single mile.

You say she can wear shorts and we are in an age of advance.
When she does so, why do give her that uncomfortable rude glance.
You say she can go out to work and make money.
Then why do you have a problem when she does it better than her honey.

When she’s busy you say she’s showing off.
When he’s busy you say poor guy got tired off.
She’s also a human why such partiality?
Please grow up and improve your mentality.

Let her be her.
She’ll make your life better than ever.
Let her be free.
See, your life will full of happiness and glee.

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