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Honestly, It’s Not A Big Deal For The Men In Your Life To Know About Your Periods!

Posted: May 29, 2020

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Do the men in your lives know about your periods? And why there are days when you’re cranky and in pain? Ladies, don’t you think it’s time men knew it?

Dear ladies, do you really want people, especially the opposite gender to know why is your mood swinging too frequently during the day? There’s a conflict between your ovaries and your uterus that churns your lower abdomen, and strains your lower back and thighs. And you’re willing to punch anyone who irritates you. All this simply because you’re bleeding.

Step up, women! Courage is yours once you decide to step up. It is okay if it churns you more than your friend or sister. Each woman faces different issues of menstruation.

The men really need to know!

But it needs to be okay-er for your man. Actually, it needs to be okay for the men around you. Because you might stain, and that is normal. Because you can feel like lying down and that is normal.

So how to really let them know? Speak!

Yes, speak to them as you speak in your girl’s gang. Because we are running short of our own time. Tomorrow someone is going to be your lover, boyfriend, husband, or the father to your child.

Forget about their family members, especially mothers, imbibing this knowledge. Lest they acknowledge it, is all we want them to do. Yes, our mothers are at a greater fault. But we also need to acknowledge and forgive them for complacency.

Such rare is the phenomenon of a man knowing all the tantrums of periods. And such species are rare. We have got a bag full of tasks to be done if we want boys and men to behave better with us, our sisters and daughters.

Stress messes up our period too

Our periods get irregular when we stress too much. You may bleed for three days, normally but when stress levels shoot up, it may even go to seven days or more!

Ask the men, can you imagine that happening to you? Do not expect empathy from them, because neither did they read their biology texts seriously. And nor did they try researching on their own that what the women go through physically, mentally, and emotionally.

For the ones who did, they are doctors or some sort of activists. They were taught to become emotionless because everybody expected them to earn and feed their families. The human inside them died an early death.

But here we are. The new generation, starting from scratch, letting you know. Not in a way society taught you, but in a way, your daughters would want to. Wake up mankind.

Are you shy because WE bleed?

What are you ignoring, a natural cycle? Or are you too shy to care for the female breed? Or is it that you feel utterly disgusted to discuss a pure natural cycle? Never mind, we will make sure, you do not feel impure after the conversation.

You were born because your mothers bled. It all started even before she was born. If you cannot understand from the research, ask your female friends.

Women, buckle up. The time is over for you to feel shy talking about your own periods. You need not preserve yourself in the coffin of prejudice. And you have a lot to answer when they begin to enquire. That’s when you can easily ask them to do the chores or clear an office file because your body needs rest too.

We communicate and they learn.

It might take several attempts. Do not wither. Hammer. Drill. Whisper. Drill. Repeat. Period.

Picture credits: Still from Bollywood movie PadMan.

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