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Faith In The Dungeons

Posted: May 8, 2020

An ode to the soldiers and warriors on the border. We salute your courage.

The fallen soldier had fought a long-drawn war of determination and resilience

Before succumbing to the continuous flow of cunning tactics thrown in by the enemy.

However, not all hope had been extinguished;

For though the battle had been lost ,

There was still honour and grit,

Which helped uphold the belief

That the greatness which had been achieved through a hard struggle

Through the solidarity that had made them overcome the toughest obstacles.

But what could one do when the foe was within rather than without;

And the fight for power and authority had defeated the strongest wits,

Setting the stage for an internal revolution

Which left among the most honest dismay

Of such high magnitude

That had not been sensed even in times of deepest turmoil.

Yet there was no shift in the show of integrity,

As the warrior continued the valiant display of loyalty,

Despite the now intricate conflict of emotions

That were struggling hard to keep alive the ever-diminishing light of faith

Which illuminated the path to days of glory;

When the rising of each new sun represented opportunities galore

Through the myriad colours of green meadows,

And friendships which had stood through time memorial

Without the slightest hint of deceit,

Where each living being was valued

Not for what they could provide

Or the stature they held by birth

But for the true nature of their soul

That helped hold the world together in peace and harmony.

Thus was the image carried by the brave heart

Even in the times of deepest despair.

Image Credits: Pixabay

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