Are We In An Era Of Covid-ducation?

When times are changing so drastically, how do we possibly begin to understand and make sense of what is happening around us?

When times are changing so drastically, how do we possibly even begin to understand and make sense of what is happening around us?

Just a few days ago, I had heard a TedTalk by Mr. Bill Gates, in which he talked about a human virus that could affect the entire globe leading to a World War of the new age.

Indeed this is it

With the latest COVID-19 spread all over the world who knew the whole world will be confined within the four walls. The resources and luxuries in abundance, which we were using as necessities, will be reduced to limited amounts.

There will be at least a difference between day and night. When sharing emotions and feelings could only be a display of privilege over social media, is there truly any need for a public display of affection.

When all our lives we have learnt to be a social animal, had anyone thought of a day when social distancing will be the new normal?

Is this it?

If this is the truth of the current times, then let me accept this whole heartedly. Because if we choose to be optimistic it feels better. Because I believe with the new day comes new strength and new ideas.

As a teacher, we have graduated from chalkboards to smart boards. From text book learnings to online references. From mere explanation through lectures to power point presentations, we have progressed. As teachers we have always been on our toes and have adapted ourselves to both the best and the worst of situations equally well.

We have been able to live up to our own expectations by now being able to progess to virtual classrooms. Yes, that’s the new! And that’s a huge progression!

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Teachers did their job well

In about a week’s time of the lockdown being announced Pan-India by the Government, teachers were already working on developing their online lesson plans, study materials, content for lectures, worksheets, test papers, etc. And all this without any formal training and limited resources. Some of my colleagues are making the best use of their smartphones to reach their students.

Perhaps teachers always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other one thing. Kudos to the teachers who are my colleagues and friends.

This is a commendable feat. The teachers indeed have shown us the path with their true leadership in the times of world crisis.

What COVID-19 has made me realise

As a teacher, I believe to face a problem is a chance to do your best. Victory is in having done your best. And if you’ve done your best, you’ve won.
Covi-ducation, as I would like to term this phase, (imparting education in times of COVID- 19), has challenged me and has given me the opportunity to survive the most difficult times of this catastrophe.

I am thankful to the Almighty for bestowing me with the courage and confidence to be able to impart knowledge and education to my students. I feel grateful that with the changing situation, I could continue believing in my skills.

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