The Gift I Gifted Myself!

This was my birthday gift for myself and the best by far! This feeling overcasted all my worldly desires.The world seemed an even more happier place.

This was my birthday gift for myself and the best by far! This feeling overcasted all my worldly desires.The world seemed an even more happier place.

One day, on an early afternoon, I had gone to visit a chum of mine. When we met, we were exchanging views about life, experiences, unexpected situations that occur, upliftment of oneself and so on. While the conversation got profound, we realized how we miss on the small things in life which are by and large accountable for our happiness.

Something Dawns Upon Us

On the contrary, we keep running after the big ones which, for the most part, give us stress! We were chewing over matters like whether we have thanked someone randomly, given a smile to a passer-by, got a smile on someone’s face or helped someone without expecting anything in return?
This birthday, I decided to aught which was unusual and apart from the birthday rituals/shenanigans. I wanted to do thing of any kind that I would actually remember, until my next birthday (at least).

Something I  Would Actually Remember

At the crack of dawn, I first went to the temple that satiates me with inexplicable peace. After returning, I thought of taking a stroll. While walking, I was consciously observing and absorbing the beauty of nature, the people around, the lush green trees, the animals and so on. My eyes instantaneously fell on the community helpers (here mainly the sweepers and refuse collectors). They play the most vital role to keep our surroundings spic and span but still go unnoticed. Hence, on this special day of mine, I took a call to thank at least one of them personally (after actually pushing myself quite a bit from within).

I had to impel myself in this way – “Yes, you can do it Priyanka! You can go and thank him. Yeah, you can! You are bold!” I don’t know why I needed to muster that courage! It wasn’t like I was on a mission that I needed some real guts. At that moment, to all intents and purposes, I discerned, it requires spunk and strength to go and do a good deed, then be it as small as thanking someone.


It began this way. There was a man around mid fifties who was sweeping the trash off the road. I went to him (with inner power this time) and said, “Uncle, I genuinely thank you from the bottom of my heart for whatever you are doing to make sure we live in a healthy environment. I can’t thank you enough and I mean every word of what I have said.” Can you guess what that man replied? I was so touched by his response. He uttered, “Thank you beta! You noticed us. I am so happy today that there was someone who addressed and valued our contribution. Bhagwan tumhe khush rakhe.” He did namaste with so much humility and we both dispersed. I left from there grinning ear to ear.

This was my birthday gift for myself and the best by far! Believe me, this gift gave me more jouissance than I would have attained from a Louis Vuitton bag as a gift! This feeling overcasted all my worldly desires. In jig time, the world seemed an even more happier place.

This Brought Me more Joy

Also, I surmise, many of us would be doing donations, distributing sweets and food on one’s special occasions and it’s fantastic to do so. If we combine this with gestures like – Where we are one on one involved, where there is personal touch, the emotion goes to another high of contentment and happiness!

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I could now infer why “Jaadu ki chappi” did wonders in the flick Munna Bhai M.B.B.S.!!! Try it out sometime! It is quite a thrilling experience..ha ha ha! No, seriously! If that’s a lot for the start, one can resume with a simple (now it seems simple) THANK YOU! Yeah buddy, you can do it!
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