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Stop Expecting From Others, Be Happy With Yourself

when you are  happy yourself then you will be able to try to keep others happy.

When you are  happy yourself then you will be able to try to keep others happy.

We are women, we care for others and try to make others happy without wasting a single minute on how we are feeling? How am I? Physically fit or not? Mentally or emotionally fit or not? Always trying to spread happiness all around.

Still, we are human beings and we forget this. When our expectations are automatically generated internally. We expect from, for whom we are caring for and trying to make them happy. All of sudden, we start screaming at them, crying in front of them and behind them and started taunting them. What will happen in all these things? Have you thought about it! The relationship will get weakened. Communication is the best solution, openly express to them what do you want from them. What expectations do you have from them and why?

Take Care Of Yourself

If, still somebody does not understand what we can do? We should make out time for ourselves, how? This is where our time management and stress management abilities will work. Now, you people thinking time management fine but why I asked for stress management. Because, my dear, when you are  happy yourself then you will be able to try to keep others happy. You can make yourself happy by singing, dancing, practicing yoga, meditation, painting, etc.

Make Time For Yourself

We must be happy by doing something, we need to find that out  in the busy schedule. Everything we are doing should not be done for monetary benefits something we need to do it just to be happy and feel peaceful internally without expectation from others, without any grudges. So, promise me guys that you will make out some time for yourself to make yourself happy.

If, you have a query when you will get this me time?  Stop thinking about all of these things and start thinking about what you like the most and you will definitely feel better.

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