5 Self-care Techniques To Make Lockdown Bearable For Women

These self-care techniques are truly simple but can make a difference to how you feel at a difficult time. Hang in there!

These self-care techniques are truly simple but can make a difference to how you feel at a difficult time. Hang in there!

Between sinking at that one look at the sink and waiting for that one day when the maid will walk in, it is a battle for sanity. Don’t pay attention to those who post about a new skill they learned and the unpronounceable dishes they prepared; it’s just a trap to drive you into more exhaustion.

Do not fall for it, instead, take care of yourself. Here’s how you can hang in there, without having to find any extra time, and make life a teeny bit more bearable.

Define your vertical limits, pull a chair

Modular kitchens are a scam. It could work well for the salad making western world, but for our cooking, it is nothing less than torture. Our ancestors sat and formulated elaborate cuisines which we are now expected to achieve from a standing position.

Until we find an alternate kitchen design, which is only a distant possibility, please pull a chair. Try to sit and do the vegetable cutting, roti rolling, etc. Pull a chair near the gas stove, sit and make your dosas.

When you stand, stand on two legs

You might find that heading laughable, but it is true. Most of us do not stand on two legs. We put pressure on one and tend to lean on to one side. We unconsciously make one leg work more than the other. This can distort your posture in the long term.

So, start paying attention to how you stand and ensure that you distribute your weight and use both the legs.

When you sit, sit straight

The tendency to collapse and slouch on a couch is justifiable after so much of work. But the trouble is, it’s going to worsen your already strained back.

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Try to sit straight, without leaning, without using back support. The best way to do this is to sit cross-legged. This will ensure that you don’t put pressure on your tail bone as well.

Shun humans, for some time

Trying not to lose your temper, losing it, then regretting it for the rest of the day? Don’t worry, it’s universal. All you need is a bit of silence. Block a time every day when you will not talk to anyone, on WhatsApp also. Just do whatever you want, but no interaction with humans.

If you are unable to pull this off, do some coconut oil pulling. Pour two teaspoons of coconut oil into your mouth and swish it around for 15 minutes – that’s some self-imposed silence time and some great health benefits according to traditional wisdom.

When you crash on the bed, let the legs go up the wall

For all the hard work that your legs did, they deserve this one favour. Lie down close to the wall or the headrest of the bed, bum against them and let the legs go up on the wall. Stay that way for 15 minutes, allow the blood to flow in the opposite direction and relax.

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