Seed Away Your Monthly Mystery!

We often tend to overlook and brush menstrual struggles under the rug without really understanding their implications. Let us share our stories!

We often tend to overlook and brush menstrual struggles under the rug without really understanding their implications. Let us share our stories!

It’s ironic and comical that as we grow old, the things or events in our life that give us true happiness were the experiences that we took for granted or did not care much about. I am sure we all yearn for big homes, fancy cars and luxurious lifestyle but heart of hearts, all we want is an able body and good night’s sleep.

I was pleasantly surprised when I went  through a similar experience that really made me pause and step back to enjoy the little things and appreciate the small achievements in my daily life.

Suffering from PCOS 

I would not make a blanket statement that most women women have hormonal issus but I do know a lot of friends who suffer from PCOS or related hormonal disorders. I was affected by it for a very long time myself. My period cycles were regular but always long.  Instead of the 28-30 days cycle, it was more like 40-45 days. I thought as long as it was regular and not too erratic, it was fine.

Also, even though we all have friends, mothers, sisters, this is not a usual topic that we sit down and discuss at dinner tables even though I think we should.  Some days were so stressful. I remember back from my college days having that bloated feeling and all the symptoms of periods, without really getting them.

I would resort to all sorts of home remedies from eating sesame seeds and drinking parsley with water, to doing yoga postures in hopes of getting the periods. Its not like a girl or women looks forwards to those 3 days but their lack thereof does make a big dent on our emotional and mental well being in some way or the other.

I just continued my way from college into my job and marriage without paying much attention to this issue or getting medical help specific to this issue. I was always tested low in iron or with ‘border line anemia’ as many would call it. But I feel in general, Indian women who eat a vegetarian diet tend to have low iron levels, which dips further during menstruation.

I would have long periods with the second day being the most painful and emotionally draining experience. Seeing so much loss of blood visually does take a toll on you at a subconscious level. I would just curl up in bed with the pillow tucked against my stomach and just not want to do anything.

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I used to live in Houston, Texas before my wedding. In my previous Environmental Engineering position, I would have to go to the field for collecting water samples for testing.  Of course,my periods would exactly coincide with my field work as if it were a match made in heaven. Struggling through the whole day and scampering in and out of smelly honey buckets made it such an arduous task.

Finally a solution?

Fast forward to living in Seattle, and I was introduced to this doctor who practiced a combination of Ayurveda and modern medicine. He introduced me to this unique yet simple method of seed cycling. A wonderful way of getting your hormones to work in harmony and in balance. Seed cycling involves 4 simple ingredients pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds; all easily available in all grocery stores.

Seed cyclers are required to eat 1 table spoon of flax seeds and pumpkin seeds during the first fourteen days of their periods which is referred to as the folicular phase. These seeds are meant for boosting estrogen levels.

Then, in the second half of the cycle, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds of 1 table spoon each need to be consumed. This phase is called the luteal or progestrone boosting phase. Of course, Iam no doctor and not recommending any of this, however, I was able to see a drastic difference.

Success at last!

I also used the Fitbit app for tracking ovulation days, predicted period, fertile period and so on. I was overjoyed when within 1 month of practicing seed cycling religiously,  I got my period on the 29th day. It was a miracle for me especially since I have had long cycles ranging from 40-45 days. It was beyond joy and I felt like I has almost rediscovered myself.

If I were to compare my situation before seed cycling, here are my top 4 observations both on a physical and emotional level:

  • Very less abdominal pain now as compared to a constantly nagging pain throughout my cycle before
  • Less abdominal bloating
  • No acne before or after periods. Usually I get some sort of acne on my face face or chin prior to getting periods.
  • Sense of achievement and accomplishment

I was able to regulate a complex issue with simple ingredients with no side effects. Nature and natural products have such a seamless way to work in unison and lead to amazing results. I encourage each and every girl, woman, lady to try this if they suffer from any hormonal issues after consulting your physician.

It may or may not work for you but if it does, you have solved a monthly mystery with mere measly seeds. Now say bye to that blind date with your periods you never asked for.

Image Source: Motherhood Hospital


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