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Role Of Marketing In Covid Times And What To Learn From That

Posted: April 15, 2020

These times of COVID 19 marks the silence of the unprecedented times ahead. Times which are not just scary but very volatile in nature . With no notice right in the beginning of a financial year when you are hit so badly by an unexpected enemy where you don’t even get a chance to escape.

These times are hard and for everyone across the world …so far whatever evil civilisations have seen has been demographical impacts but this is a hit on the mankind and in the worst ways possible. There is nothing more scary than to live every minute in a fear and see everyone as a moving weapon.

In times so difficult….there is depression all around, there is no joy in any situation and because of that all the marketing activities needs to take a backseat. New launches have to be delayed as the market is currently fighting for survival and not for luxury……the malls, cinema halls all are closed and even after the lockdown when they open there is fear and it will take us a long time at least 4-6 months from now to get over this pandemic.

Over the years, India has been a county with the maximum youth and educated population and this helped hugely in the economy to boom not just in terms of earning capacity but also increase in spending power helped brands to flourish … aspirational youth is the best target audience for most of the brand in the world. India was just there offering this big market to the global brands.

With 354.52 million smart phone users in the world…India tops the games because of its aspirational customer base and the spending capacity that we are quite ready to afford smartphone and the reach is phenomenal. US the super power of the world is just 100 million user behind from us in this. Its time as marketeers we release the potential of this base and put more energy on digital communication and marketing.

In today’s time the reach of this audience is huge , the reach can be timed and even monitored to calculate the best ROI for any brand….the traditional mode of advertising majorly TV and Cinema Advertising needs to be pulled back majorly and this can focus more on enhancing the digital footprint of any brand.

the advertising agencies can come up with the films which has digital launches and premiers…yes I agree you would still need TV as there is a dedicated viewership but Cinema hall for mass brands to invest in a very wrong idea….

Concentration of Cinema viewing in multiplexes and single screens is limited to a certain section of the audiences and majorly in the tier 2 and tier 3 cities people are still not very open to this segment…. why do brands have to invest to a audience which is so segregated and with the same spend going on digital you can blow up the proposition multi folds. Cinema halls can be a good branding option for local brands who has a limited demographic audience to tap.

Moving forward, digital (social media and OTT), hoardings, creative installations, events and digital films will be the best way to reach the TG ….The times ahead call for making an India which is more ready and evolved.

With times so hard …its time to also introspect and as marketeers realise hw ready we are for the future and what changes are required to ensure we equip ourselves with a more futuristic approach.

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