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When My Baby Kissed Me, It Was Worth All The Pain & Sleepless Nights

Posted: April 14, 2020

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There are times when motherhood can be challenging & tiresome. But there are times when your kids make it all worth it. This young mom shares her story!

One afternoon, after a very busy day of coaching, my little daughter Shrimayi and I were playing for a while. She had a proper afternoon nap while I was busty. Then, she was wide awake when I was tired and needed to sleep.

Little Shrimayi is two years and four months old. And I have to be very alert when she is around. I can’t even think of sleeping while she’s awake. So I was lying on the bed in in the living room and wanted to know what she would do if I fell asleep. And I closed my eyes when I sensed her looking at me.

She really surprised me!

To my surprise, my little bundle of joy and love, came near me, kissed my forehead and shared her soft blanket with me. We call this blanket of hers mau mau. And I usually put it on her when she’s asleep. I don’t where she found out about it but I was extremely happy with that little action of hers.

Isn’t that the law of nature- whatever we give, it reciprocates back? Children are the pure form of nature without any layers of negative emotions. Her kiss on my forehead and the blanket were her way of showing love for me.

It felt like the reward to motherhood and all those post delivery sleepless nights. I don’t know what our relationship will be when she’s a teenager or after she gets married but I know that our bond will be intact. And it will be full of love and affection like that of every mother with her child.

Picture credits: YouTube

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