Non-Humans During The Pandemic

Even the darkest of clouds have a silver lining. Everything will be fine but may not be the same. Just give it some time, be patient and trust.

Even the darkest of clouds have a silver lining. Everything will be fine but may not be the same. Just give it some time, be patient and trust

FAN: Thank god you finally came. Why are you so late these days? Also, I noticed for few days, seems like your manager is changed. Is everything fine?

BROOM: Now can you please slow down? You don’t have to be on full speed all the time.

To answer your first question, I can’t come unless my manager arrives. And talking about the new manager, he is the worst one I have worked with so far. He has zero knowledge and skill about what we are doing. I am just doing my job for the sake of it.

FAN: Whatever, I am concerned about the 30 min break that I can take while you are at work. Also, you shouldn’t be complaining about your manager, you hardly work for an hour. Look at me; I am working over time because my manager never leaves these days. I feel like I am working 24*7.

TV: Hold on guys, enough of your drama.  it’s my job to entertain you all. Now don’t become a threat to my job.

Sofa: Are you even working anymore Mr. TV? These days all I see is same news.

TV: I can do only what my manager asks me to do.

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SOFA: Even I am losing my mind because of my manager. He is always on my head. He isn’t leaving till night shift.

FRIDGE: You at least have some rest during night shift guys. Look at me, always overloaded. My manager expects me to meet future targets too. I don’t understand what my manager’s strategy is.

WASHING MACHINE: So, now you understand how it feels to be overloaded. I feel better now. My manager isn’t putting much load on me.

STOVE: At least you know who your manager is. I have no clue who I am reporting to. Every time there is a new manager. Everyone is expecting me to submit different reports which I have no clue about.

DISH WASH: It seems like my manager follows eat, clean, sleep and repeat strategy. He is asking me to work in three shifts. I can’t say no to him. Anyways, do you know about the two new recruits?

STOVE: No Mr. DISH WASH. Which department did they join?

DISH WASH: Ms. SOAP was telling me. They have joined the admin department it seems and all the managers are working with them. I don’t know much details I just know their names. I remember one was Mask.

STOVE: Mask! Who Jim Carey??

DISH WASH: No, that’s what all managers carry for their onsite visits. Ms. SOAP was feeling bad. She actually cried while telling about the other one. She had some fancy name.

TOILET CLEANER: Sanitizer is her name. Managers have her for every meeting. She actually is very talented. She can finish her work at lightning speed.

DISH WASH: Slow down Mr. TOILET CLEANER. You know her role right. She is just an alternate in case of Ms. SOAPS’ absence. Our managers are misunderstanding that she is the only source.

BUCKET: Come on guys, you better get back to work now. Our managers aren’t leaving any time soon. Let’s just be patient and wait for everything to get normal again.

DISH WASH: Hey Mr. BUCKET you have access to our balcony team right??

BUCKET: Yes I do. But why are you asking that?

DISH WASH: OK. I have a plan. See, we can’t talk to our managers. May be we can get some information from the balcony team. I heard that they speak to the managers.

BUCKET: Are you sure this plan will work? I am not sure if I will be able to talk to them. May be I can ask my other teammate who works with balcony team. Allow me some time I will get back to you.

SPRAY BOTTLE: Hi, Mr. BUCKET. How are you doing?

BUCKET: Hi, Mr. SPRAY BOTTLE. Am fine. I was caught up with some housekeeping team’s work. Can I ask you something? You have been part of this team for so long now. You know what all happens here. So, I need some help.

SPRAY BOTTLE: Will be happy to help Mr. BUCKET. Please let me know how I can help you.

BUCKET: You may be aware of the situation in other teams. Everyone is worried. So many things are uncertain. Few of us may lose our jobs if the situation continues.

SPRAY BOTTLE: Yes, I am aware of all that. But what can I do about it Mr. BUCKET. I am also just an employee here.

BUCKET: I know I know. But, you are the only one who has access to balcony team. And everyone in balcony team speaks to their managers. So, can you please ask the teams if they can tell us why all this is happening and how are things going to be in future?

SPRAY BOTTLE: Makes sense. I can’t assure you, but I will certainly try my best possible to help you.

BUCKET: Thanks a lot Mr. SPRAY BOTTLE. I am looking forward for positive news. Hope everything will be fine soon.

PLANT: Hello guys, Sorry for the interruption. All set for the meeting?

BUCKET: Yes. We are ready. Did you convey about the requirements to your manager?

PLANT: Yes, Manager is being extra conscious about us these days. They are also sending more time with balcony team. Initially we were wondering why are they here most of the time. But one day we saw them come to balcony team and clap for a while.

BUCKET: Oh is it? I was also asking Mr. SPRAY BOTTLE why our managers are here all day.

SPRAY BOTTLE: We need your help Ms. PLANT. Everyone is so confused about what is happening. Some are on verge of break down; some are scared of losing their job. They want to know when things will be normal again. Will they be normal again?

PLANT: We were in same situation initially until one day we heard our managers discussing about why they are here all the time.

They have been instructed by their government to stay indoors. World is facing a pandemic situation because of a virus that broke in Wuhan, china. Nobody knows how to deal with the virus. Not even the most powerful nations.

BUCKET: Oh, Now I understood what Mr.TV was telling. This is the only news TV has been updating to managers. I couldn’t understand what it was all about. Now it’s making sense. So, what do our managers do?

PLANT: Nothing, All they have to do is stay home until a solution is found to control the virus outbreak.

BUCKET: Is this the same situation everywhere?

PLANT: Our activities are restricted to the team Mr. BUCKET. We are not sure how the situation is outside our team. I have few friends who visit our team often for assisting us to improve productivity. They are the major contributors. They must be coming and will be here anytime.

BEE: Hey everyone, Seems like everyone is busy in discussion. Not ready for the meeting yet?

PLANT: Hey Bee, We are all set for the meeting. We were just discussing about our managers and why they are here all day. How is the situation in other places?

BEE: I am not surprised to hear this. It’s the only thing everyone is talking about. Ms. PLANT did you observe that I am always arriving on time these days?

PLANT: Ya, I did observe. Thought maybe you are being punctual and work really hard to meet targets.

BEE: We were always hard working. It’s in our DNA. But that’s not the reason why I am being on time. There is hardly anyone on the roads. Days are almost as quiet as night. Nights which used to be like mid day are now the darkest. You may be aware of the virus outbreak right?


BEE: Everything has come to halt now. No religious places are open, No restaurants, no shopping malls, no one is allowed to go out. There is no one out there except the police and sanitation workers on roads. Medical workers are the only one who is attending their jobs.

PLANT: oh, May be that’s why our managers were clapping that day as a note of thank you for them who are working day in and day out.

BEE: Yes.

PLANT: When will this entire situation change bee? Will it change?

BEE: I know what is happening and why it is happening but I don’t know what will happen. We are here for a really short period plant. May be we should ask the tree who is outside.

PLANT: Are you sure BEE? He is alone all the time. He never speaks much nor asks for any help. He looks so serious.

BEE: It’s OK Ms. PLANT. He is just wise and old. He doesn’t bother about anything much. Our ancestors worked with their team when they were young.

PLANT: OK, May be you can talk to him. You seem having good contacts.

BEE: They were in your team in initial days. Now they have become more self dependent and stopped outsourcing. Anyways, let me talk to him.

BEE: Hello sir, Sorry for interrupting your thoughts.  If you don’t mind can you see my friends standing there?

TREE: Hello son, it’s OK. I see your friends every day. I know them.

BEE: They all wanted to talk to you. They were scared to initiate the conversation because they thought that you are serious.

TREE: ha-ha. May be they misinterpreted me because of my size.

PLANT: No sir, we are really sorry. We never saw you talking to anyone. You were so strong and tall irrespective of the conditions. We need help from our managers in every aspect. We are so dependent on them. And you seem so independent. We never figured a way to strike a conversation with you.

TREE: I reached this stage after so many years Ms. PLANT. I was like you few years ago. No one is independent. Every creature around is dependent on other. We depend on natural elements for survival; they depend on us for retrieval. And this is a circle.

BUCKET: Mr. TREE, I don’t know how appropriate this would be in this situation. But we are clueless about the current conditions around us.

TREE: I know that Mr. BUCKET. I have witnessed multiple phases like this in my life. There were adverse conditions droughts, famine, war, epidemic, pandemic. What not. We earthlings have survived it all. This is one such event and I am sure we will come out of it stronger. While your managers have slowed down their lives others started rejuvenating. Nature will find balance. She is the one who knows the best. She is sure about what her children need. When any one of her child is not doing it right, she knows how to correct them.

SPRAY BOTTLE: So, are you saying that our managers were not doing it right?

TREE: No, I didn’t mean that. Sometimes we overlook the important things and misalign our priorities. That results in irreparable damage. When we consider ourselves on apex of a pyramid instead of accepting the fact that we are just a part of a circle, we miss the balance.

PLANT: Aren’t our managers superior. We all depend on them.

TREE: Ha-ha, we all are interdependent and coexist. No one is superior here.

BUCKET: Mr. TREE do you think everything will be fine??

TREE: Certainly. Even the darkest of clouds have a silver lining. Everything will be fine but may not be the same. Just give it some time, be patient and trust.

BUCKET: Thank you so much for the time Mr. Tree. Hope everything will be fine soon. I need to leave now plant. Got some work in maintenance section.

PLANT: OK Mr. BUCKET. Don’t worry. Inform your teammates that it’s going to be fine and your managers will leave to their workplace too.

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