Life Through The Window

At this juncture when the world is witnessing a new low, an abysmal fear I am using my window for harnessing the isolation life.

Windows, ever imagined how important it is? The morning sun peeping and trying hard to hug your face through the curtains on the windows or the overcast sky and the rains that washes the windows, the road outside with cars and bicycles or the park outside where two lovers walk hand in hand.  Oh sorry !!! No touching… social distancing is the need of the hour, your love can wait in fact it doesn’t need to wait, this is how you will love now because if you seriously love that person you do not want him to be infected. My life… rather a life I never imagined, is lived through this window.

At this juncture when the world is witnessing a new low, an abysmal fear I am using my window for harnessing the isolation life. The life which is probably needed the most now and I do my part very effectively. I agree that it is difficult, banal, torpid and abominable, I also agree that the life we are used to till now is a drug to which we are addicted but the problem with addiction is any amount of it is not good for your health. I am writing this to you because at time I sit in front of my window counting the number of bricks the opposite house has, distracted and start counting again because my mind needs fodder to function the way it was doing. Let me tell you it’s not that difficult to stay in isolation and lets stop treating isolation as a cup of coffee for introverts, it also serves as a lemonade for the extroverts.  How do I plan my life through the window 

Work through the window 

Bring your laptop, your chair and your table near the window, work as hard as you can and in between work peep out, absorb the morning sun, the noise of the afternoon wind and the anticipation of completion of the work in the evening, its not that hard in fact its anointing. Keep your snack, coffee, tea lunchbox in the tool beside your window and spread your arms and legs after having lunch for few minutes while enjoying your favorite song. You have the liberty to be in your pyjamas without your boss making a scornful face.

Love through the Window

Is it even possible, you might ask? I say I do it everyday considering my husband stays in a different country at the moment. How you ask, read along. I wondered a few days back when isolation started, how miserable life ought to be back during the times when technology was not as advanced as it is now. I take my phone, place it on my window extension, make a video call while enjoying the evening breeze. When my husband asks how’s life at my side, I give him a virtual tour of the world outside my window where people are queuing up outside grocery store. The cars are parked, there is murkiness in the air but there is also a conviction the murkiness will diffuse into a gleaming ray of hope for a better and healthier world, a hope that my loved ones are healthy wherever they are and they need to stay healthy by not moving out of wherever they have been staged.

Happiness through the window 

When life throws lemons at you make lemonade from it. That is exactly what you should be doing now. Get ready, talk to a friend you complained of not calling because of the lack of time. Get your nails colored which you procrastinated for next weekends by yourself, read books because you do not want this new year resolution to die down because your life got too busy, listen to your favorite song because why not, clean your house because you do not work in an untidy office and now since your home is your office so that should also be squeaky clean, open the window and soak in the fresh air let your mind run into wilderness without fear for in times like these your soul needs self-love just like your parched lips dreads for water. Why not love yourself, the one you never thought of doing but could not do, why not pray a little more because the world dearly needs our prayers, why not thank those who save lives because it’s their duty and they abide by the oath they take, why not live life a little more.

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