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I am a woman.

Posted: April 24, 2020

Being a woman can be hard especially with the expectations from society and family, as well as the weight of our own passions and goals.

I am a woman that struggles to wake up at 6 am,
Having finished the last call for the night at 2 am.
I put on a smiling face in the morning,
My brain craving for rest, my eyes closing.

I am a woman that doesn’t want to cook,
And prefers being alienated from the cookery discussions with a book.
I have inadequate time for myself,
And I don’t love the kid more than the kitchen shelf.

I am a woman that struggles to put the best foot forward during a presentation,
Not having all the time in the world for preparation,
Silently hoping and praying for my idea to land well,
Knowing more often than not it doesn’t sell.

I am a woman that is sometimes ridiculed for being fat,
Not having the time to work out regularly on that yoga mat,
Guilty towards my own self than others,
Maybe it will be another new year’s resolution for mothers.

I am the woman whose husband cringes when I get promoted-
A formal compliment in front of others I get,
But I would be waiting for the list of failings and criticism,
Coming my way for my careerist optimism.

I am a woman who runs the house majorly-
The grocery, the mortgage, the childcare monthly.
Yet, I get yelled on, round the clock.
For sometimes, his favorite cookies or noodles run low on stock.

I am a woman that has more guilt than denial,
When the kid doesn’t score up to his potential.
I didn’t teach the kid enough, other mothers might-
Just another thing that keeps me awake at night.

I am a woman that worries about my parents health,
And the finance for health emergencies,
About their mental state and physical well being,
For supporting them openly doesn’t get you a ring.

I am a woman that’s trying to keep everything together-
Being judged at every step, by those who claim to be saner.
A candle burning from all ends,
Wating for the day when I have to make no more mends.

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