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COVID-19: What We Should Count On

Posted: April 30, 2020

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We might not know the victims of the COVID-19 Crisis, but let us make sure that we hope for the best and stay positive at the same time.

No one in their dream would have expected so see this day.

The Coronavirus pandemic has swept the world within a few weeks especially given how contagious the disease is.

Would it have been better if none of this had happened or everything was under control?

Well, as a human race, we have been through a lot time after time. We have risen above the situation again and again. Losing lives was a collateral.

How should we view this?

Is this time same as the other, even after all of the AI Analytics or Prediction algorithms and innovations?

Well, just wonder if it is since none of the AI Analytics and Predictions could have predicted the lives lost and lives changed over the course of past few weeks. Or would we just blame it on the complete lack of transparency between governments?

Would this be any better if it was treated like alien invasion, and claiming the lives lost as lives gone on battle field for purpose?

Are humans estranged from each other so much that they become selfish not to share information but share germs and viruses? Where did all the people who predicted that this would happen vanish? Instead of investing anti-measures of their prophesies, truly where are they now?

What we should count on

At the end of the day, the news on people lost is heart breaking, and nightmares about people living is heart breaking. We need to think that this life we live now is a reward and that the lives of people around us is a gift after the ordeal while we continue on hoping that the lives that we lost now are resting in peace. We should also hope that information now flows more  transparently so there is no further loss of human life.

Try to be strong for yourself and everyone that you care about. Let us hope and pray that everyone continues to stay strong and healthy.

Image Source: Al Jazeera

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