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Bored during Lock-down?

I am shocked that the majority of our people who are educated refuse to follow guidelines and create their own based on whispered rumors.

We have heard a lot of youngsters complain of being bored,

Maybe we can post you in help desks for COVID patients for the adventure that you are missing;

We have heard them criticize the ban of malls and movies, what’s life without them they say,

Maybe we can hire you to screen patients instead of films for a reality check of how life plays ;

We have heard them about being depressed for staying away from special ones and friends,

Maybe it’s time to let them help in ICUs under quarantine and make it a trend;

They cribbed about the policemen trying to stop them from just having a leisure stroll,

How about helping that cop reach home in time to just have a glimpse of his newly born doll,

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Bored of seeing the same shows and movement restriction at home,

How about those who are stuck in the race to reach somehow to their families and home;

I can go on and on about their complains as they never seem to end, from selected eating to limited traveling -they have their lists filled and maybe filling even more,

But trust me you have no idea how hard it is to take that step out and work for those in society that grumble about petty things, behave selfishly and have nothing to do with patriotism other than 15th August and 26th January and want treatment as kings!

Ask them to not go out- it’s difficult without those cream biscuits and chips that they fetch out risking their lives,

Ask them not to forward anything on Whatsapp for some days- it’s impossible, we have it in our system that’s how we drive!

Ask them to do something creative and learn things that they always wanted to – it’s too hard to stay away from social media and selecting what to do is equally challenging!

I am shocked that the majority of our people who are educated refuse to follow guidelines and create their own based on whispered rumors,

What’s the point of being educated if a person cannot respect the gravity of situation and surrender without heavy egos to simply follow what’s in the welfare of the nation,

Why not be happy to be alive and with family which is a luxury for most presently under the curve,

Pray to God that you are just fighting the bubble of boredom created solely by you and not the crisis in the real world!

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