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Traveling In The Digital Era

Posted: March 13, 2020

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To travel is to unravel a new place, a new cuisine, and a new culture. The beauty of travelling lies in the uncertainty and intrigue of the unknown. It’s always thrilling to explore something pristine, yet new; it beckons one into a world that unassumingly breaks us from the daily chores.

Travelling in the digital era however, isn’t as simple as it seems. The once “quiet traveler” now wants the world to know everything about her/his expeditions. Back in the days, vacations meant grandparents’ house, hills, and pilgrimages; now, digital travelling has become a combination of the old and the new — hills and foreign destinations.

If the digital boom has elevated the quiet sojourn to a noisy one, it has also made travel burdensome. It has become imperative to share experiences on real time basis with pictures, check-ins and so forth; sans these prosthetic s, travelling seems incomplete. Unfortunately, many of us have started to rely on social media to verify our experiences; if not shared, the adventure seems undervalued.

Honestly, I feel that social media has made us more unsocial. The constant greed for being connected to wifi and being active on the social media has made us akin to robots. Robots, who have been handed a few gizmos, phones, ipads, tablets, that force us to do nothing else but obey our masters.

The digital explosion has also robbed us off the excitement to wait for the pictures to get developed. The three step process of “look, click, delete” has made life simple in many ways, but meaningless in many other ways too. Have you also deleted some of the most beautiful photographs accidentally? Damn! That defeats travel, doesn’t it?

One has to learn to strike a balance, I feel, between a tweet and living the moment. Do remember the days when one would travel to places without having read their reviews, try doing that once a while. Leave your bible, Trip Advisor, and do explore places which haven’t been touched yet. And next time you travel, do take a mental picture it lasts forever!

Image via Pixabay

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