The Morning Walk Diaries – Part 1

Meet The Morning Walkers, a group of seven women who meet in the park every morning for gossips, Limca, coffee and much, much more.

They are aged, they are homely, they are docile and obedient. But when they come together, they turn into fiery, outrageous, larger-than-life and free-spirited females who know just the way to live!

Meet The Morning Walkers, a group of seven women (the eldest aged 80 years and the youngest at 24 years of age) who meet in the park every morning for gossips, Limca, coffee and much, much more. They will make you laugh, they will make you nostalgic, but most of all, they will teach you that even though life may not be perfect, there is always a way to have fun while living!

And thus starts the series of the Diaries of The Morning Walkers!

“So, how did the dinner go yesterday?” Mrs. Mehta asked Mrs. Singh.

“Oh. It was… what can I say?” Mrs. Singh said with a dramatic sigh and fell silent, apparently lost in thoughts. The group, sensing something juicy and gossipy was about to come, huddled closer to her.

“Come on, its us! You can talk to us about it.” Mrs. Khan said, barely concealing her excitement.

Mrs. Singh looked at all the expectant faces around her and sighed again.

“Oh, enough of that irritating ‘hmmmmm’! Blurt it out before I die, will you?” Mrs. Fernandes, the eldest member of the group at 80 years of age said curtly.

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“It all started really well, you know. The ambience of the hotel was perfect, just something that you might expect in a five-star hotel. The food was excellent, no other words to describe it. Mr. Singh and I had a great time with the ex-colleagues from his office. They were quite a decent group. The ladies bonded really well with me.” Mrs. Singh paused, looking uncomfortable.

“Yeah, yeah we get it, it was perfect. Come to the part where everything fell apart!” Mrs.Fernandes commanded in her usual way.

Ayesha, the youngest in the group at 23 years of age, found herself unwittingly caught up in the group’s ongoing session. Her mother Mrs. Kulkarni had pleaded with her to come for a walk and although all that Ayesha wanted to do was curl up and sleep for eternity, she had come for the sake of her mom.

“All was going well until we finished eating the main course and were waiting for the dessert. I was feeling really full and… you know what I wanted to do desperately.” Mrs.Singh looked at the group sadly.

“Oh yes, but you said it irritates Mr.Singh if you burp loudly!” Mrs.Kulkarni exclaimed.

“I know! And I controlled it to my best extent.”

“Then what happened?” Mrs.Khan asked, totally confused.

“Well, I didn’t burp,” Mrs.Singh said, with extra stress on the last word.

There was a stunned silence of a few seconds until Mrs. Fernandes shouted in glee – “You farted?”

When Mrs. Singh nodded her head in dismay, the whole group burst into a raucous laugh. Mrs. Singh looked around helplessly until she too got caught up in the infectious laughter of the group.

Ayesha shook her head, wondering what she was doing there and why.

“For letting out air in a five-star restaurant, in the presence of the ex-colleagues of your husband who gets irritated even if you burp, you have earned my respect and blessings forever, female!” Mrs.Fernandes managed to say, breathless with laughter.

“But Mr. Singh – what did he say?” Mrs.Mehta had sobered up enough to ask.

Mrs. Singh smiled wickedly. “You didn’t hear the rest. It so happened that after my – little mishap – one of the gentlemen, I don’t remember his name, appeared to have a severe bout of coughing. He had his kerchief to his mouth and was turning all red. I was starting to worry for him when he finally removed the kerchief and laughed out loud! And not only that, he laughed so hard that he himself farted! Soon, the guys decided to hold a contest as to who can pass air the longest and the loudest.”

At this point, the group started laughing uncontrollably.

“And your husband? What was his reaction?” asked Mrs. Iyer who was laughing the hardest in the group.

“Well, he shot me an angry look at first, as if it was all my fault. But then, he won the contest, so all is well for now.”

At this, Mrs. Kulkarni helplessly collapsed on Ayesha with shaking shoulders and tears of laughter leaking out of her eyes. Ayesha could no longer control her own smile and looked away, feeling the whole matter was totally ridiculous yet funny.

(More to come in the next one!)

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