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The Irony Of The Lucky Married Indian Woman

Posted: March 15, 2020

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You’re soooo lucky.

Marriage comes with its own set of quirks and peculiarities. Things that are perfectly normal to you can seem grand to others. How many of us have been told, “You’re so lucky to have such a good husband”. Why do they say it? Because he helps you with house chores, occasionally cooks a meal for you or is “good looking” by Indian standards?

Women cook, clean the house and do the dishes every single day while balancing their careers AND take the time out to groom themselves, but somehow, nobody tells a man how lucky he is to have such a good wife.

I would often think of telling them this but don’t, because deep down I knew that I would just be misjudged and termed ungrateful. Similarly, there are so many of us who want to retort but choose to stay quiet in such situations, apprehensive of the outcome. So, we just smile politely and walk away.

It made me feel entrapped in a way. I felt that if I could think freely, why couldn’t I speak freely? If only people were open to listening and understanding, then maybe my thoughts could find their escape. But until then, they remain imprisoned, free only in the casket of my mind, hoping that someday they will find their release.

I am free. I am trapped. I am #amarriedindianwoman.

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