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Oh! Stop it Mom!

Oh stop it mom..I know what I’m doing, says the teen. Proud mom agrees sometimes but cannot help wondering.

Oh stop it mom..I know what I’m doing, says the teen. Proud mom agrees sometimes but cannot help wondering.

Is he really so old…truly so mature?

Lately these words are uttered often…In a way they are not totally untrue.

Sometimes, I agree with him but the mom within me should agree too.

But, do you realize my dear son…teenage can be a bubble which in time will pop!

And when that happens will emerge a man.. So responsible ,strong and definitely at the top!

In this phase of your life..sometimes you are so patient and at times moody too.

This journey into manhood , trust me .. I’m waiting for it to happen too.

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But, life will take its own course and definitely its own time.

Boredom and anger without a reason. And ideas in your restless mind.. their canvas so vast.

I am so proud of the way you carry yourself, the changes within you being so unpredictable and fast.

Friends you will find plenty coz you are a guy my dear, who many aspire to be.

Now, here comes a word of caution from someone who loves you immensely…Select the best…and choose wisely.

Coz now your friends are the ones whose ideas in your mind will seep.

And you shall always be known by the company you keep.

But yes we’ll emerge and here I say “we” – For, though you say…Stop it will you mom..

Behind you and besides you, I’ll always be!

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