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Stop Interfering… People Of The World

Live and let live because if your son’s wife is happy, there are higher chances she will make a happier and loving daughter-in-law and vice-versa!

Today I dedicate this post to all those relatives & in-laws who have an in-depth experience & curiosity to interfere in other’s life…and when I say In-Laws, I refer to both sides…A boy and a girl marry and become Man and Wife – they are both educated, financially independent! Isn’t it strange that two individuals who are considered adult enough to enter matrimony and bear their own offspring, are intruded upon by constant prying by parents?

I wouldn’t want to be biased and blame only the boy’s side of parents but actually in more cases it is true that parents & relatives do interfere so much so that they become a troublesome for the couple to stay TOGETHER!

It’s unfortunate that even in today’s time very few parents accept their kids are grown up and they need to take their own decision. Why are you involved to make things worst if nothing good you are able to do? Why are you even trying to put negative thoughts in their minds when the couple having tough time?? If a couple wants to have a child or want to live a child-free life that is entirely their decision(Don’t interfere..don’t point out anyone’s fault there..don’t give them panic attacks)

At the same time, if a man is still a boy who hasn’t grown out of his mother’s lap then he definitely isn’t eligible to marry. If a man doesn’t know how to strike a balance between relationships he isn’t mature enough to marry. If he still needs advice on how and where he needs to spend his salary he probably is still a toddler.

To the Guys, Your wife is not your mother and no woman would ever want to be. A wife deserves an exclusive right and place in her husband’s life just as his mother already has. She is not a replacement, she has her own place and importance in your life.

So with all due respect, we all love our mothers and the bond is irreplaceable be it a son or a daughter….But at the same time, it is our responsibility to make our parents understand what is wrong and take a stand for the person you love and married..

Live and let live because if your son’s wife is happy, there are higher chances she will make a happier and loving daughter-in-law and vice-versa!

Lastly, our parents generation have suffered, our generation too have suffered and is suffering….Hopefully we won’t let our Kids generation to suffer and devastate their life & happiness!

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