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It’s Not A Girl Boy Thing…It’s A Human Thing!

Posted: March 27, 2020

Recently during a casual chat with my mother relating to the future ahead and my plans relating to work and marriage ( I am 24 so u know the talk )

During our conversation what irked me was a statement she made, “You know men aren’t capable of taking care of a child, they cannot nurture ”

This upset me, coming from the so call upper middle class educated bunch, my mom herself having worked 10 years  it felt like we had made no improvement towards gender equality and that still at the grass root level such thoughts exist.

But then I started debating about the ” truth” in that sentence. Was she right my own father back in the days was scared to hold me as he was afraid to “break me”?

That is when I came across this documentary on Netflix called “Babies”, in the first episode they talk about this experiment conducted on new born parents.

They found that oxytocin the so called “love hormone” was released in the moms every time they interacted with their babies as a reward to the brain.

Now what was astonishing was when the same experiment was conducted on men it was found that equal levels of oxytocin was released in their bodies too!!!!

Finally this proved that “It’s a human thing not a girl/boy thing ”

Years of patriarchy and stereotyping has led us to believe that only mother’s can nurture which is clearly not true.

It’s high time we give the men their due of the “love hormone” and let them in on the”high”!

Image is a still from the Netflix documentary Babies 

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