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How To Prepare Your Own First Aid Kit

Posted: March 16, 2020

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First aid kit is an essential in daily life to take your on-the-go pain away with ease. Whether it be a journey, home, workplace or vehicle, first aid kit has to be there to avoid unnecessary circumstances that may arise at any point of time and spoil the moment. If something seriously goes wrong then before rushing to the hospital the primary first aid is very important so that one stays in a better state on the way. A good first aid kit should have the stuffs for all, that is, from kid to women rather than just general over the counter drugs and all. Here I am telling you what your first aid kit MUST have.

First of all, there should be a manual so that you get to know when to use what and how? If you are not a medical kind of person, in that case, the manual will certainly guide you take the appropriate measures when needed.

After placing a manual in the kit, next you need to place the things associated to trauma that is, injuries, cuts, burns, scrapping or any kind of wound. This will consist of gloves, hand sanitizer, cotton balls and pads, bandages, adhesive or surgical tape, roller gauze, rubber tourniquet, antiseptic solution, hydrogen peroxide, medical shear, tweezers, instant cold packs, sterile saline and finally some pain relievers. Any wound needs to be cleaned, disinfected and to be covered properly with some ointment and proper dressing that prevents bacterial growth and helps in healing process. The bleeding and pain has to be countered along. All these things will help you achieve the same.

Apart the trauma thing there are things that must be there in general and they are, surgical mask, thermometer, cough and cold medicines, acetaminophen or paracetamol tablets, antiallergic tablets, antacids and aspirin. Aspirin should not be missed at any cost! It not only relieves the headache and other trauma related pain but it also helps someone who is at the risk of heart attack. It can be life saving at moments! And saving others life is satisfying like nothing else. So keep this at the top in the checklist and never miss a chance of felling satisfied!

On the board, normal yet irritating things can happen like a bad sunburn, skin irritation due to exposure or periods before the exact arrival date. You should have the proper gear for all. So keep the sunscreen lotions, moisturizer and some sanitary napkins on compulsory basis.

Keep the essentials in the kit, stay geared and keep going on. For you cant afford the stopping in the mid, on the way! Happy going.

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