Every Stay At Home Mom Is A Potential Homepreneur?

Each Stay at Home Mom is a potential homepreneur & yes mothers can have it all, they just have to be creative enough to find the right solutions.

Money, Status Equals Success or Is it?

In a society that measures your success & happiness with your social stature & excess of things is your badge of living a good life; staying at home to raise your children definitely is not an achievement but a social stigma. Time and again, stay at home moms have been under-rewarded for all the contribution they make to raising our next generations. They have been looked down upon simply for making a choice they felt strongly for & for making a decision they felt would be better for their kids.

Taking Pride in being a Stay At Home Mom

Having said that there are definitely newer perspectives that are breaking out and a new community of millennial Stay at home moms that are taking pride in their decision of staying and being with the kids when they need them the most. Women are leaving their well paying jobs and giving up their established careers on account of their desire to raise their kids in front to their eyes. They wish to experience every little joy and milestone of their kids and be around to pep them up & give them essential life lessons when they go through their first rough experiences and disappointments in life.

Being a stay at mom is not about living a lesser life or wasting your potential at all. A salary & corporate ladder of success are not the perfect measure of your worth. Your life is much more than this. Being a stay at home mom is about making a conscious choice to design your very own definition of success, happiness & fulfilment.

EVERY SAHM is a Potential Homepreneur

Career or Kids? Can Mothers have it all?

While the stay at home moms are doing everything to give a holistic upbringing to their kids, what happens to their own lives, dreams & their aspirations? The question “Can a Mother have it all? “ is still something you find differing opinions on. However at the core of this debate lies the word “trade-off” . It has been about it. As a working mother, you trade-off spending important moments with your child and as a stay at home mother, you trade it off with your dreams of professional success.

Is Homepreneurship the way to having it all?

Times are changing now. The new group of Stay at Home moms are out to get it all. They are not  willing to give up on their dreams and aspirations any more & are breaking the shackles of their old mindsets and coming up with alternative & innovative ways of fulfilling their dreams.

Be it undertaking projects as a freelancer or coming up with innovative products, from opening up new kinds of service offerings to showcasing their cooking & baking talents, women are not shying away any more from realising their potential. Working alongside their priorities, these women are starting off on their entrepreneurship journey right from the nooks and corners of their homes and are called as Homepreneurs.

Each Stay at Home Mom is a potential homepreneur & yes mothers can have it all, they just have to be creative enough to find the right solutions.

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Having said this, a lot still needs to be done on women entrepreneurship and homepreneurship in India. According to the latest report on MasterCard Index of Women Entrepreneurship 2019, only 7 out of 100 Business owners in India are women. This is much below the countries like Uganda, Ghana, Botswana, USA that on an average have more than 35 women per 100 Business owners.

Apart from the Government doing its fare share of policy enhancements to enable more women to come in fore front and contribute to our growing economy, it is also responsibility of women who are running ahead to hand hold, mentor and encourage others to join in and take the plunge. Inspire them, support them and re-skill them and let’s write many more success stories!!

Happy Homepreneuring!

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