The Ikebana Of My Life To Arrange The Flowers Of My Life

Ikebana, the Japanese tradition of arranging flowers not for beautification but to observe and appreciate little things which we tend to ignore normally.

Oh! this pill is the last one I have. I need to buy more before this headache recurs. Got stuck by this thought while I was staring vaguely at the empty sachet of the pain killers that I have been regularly feeding myself to get some relief from the sore head.

Off course popping a pill now and then can cause more harm than the good it is supposed to do, but that seems to be the easiest way to get rid of the tenacity that draws upon my nerves and drains me out of all the energy I gather every morning while waking up.

This pain! is it there or is it just a manifestation of all the chaos I encounter in my life every day. With all these thoughts I gathered both my strength and the pile of clothes which has been lying on the easy chair for two days.

As soon as I picked them up my foot got entangled in the mesh of wires lounging around the study table and all those clothes which were piled up near to being organised collapsed on the floor. Of course, my body did too, hammering against the study table.

The clothes just like snarly scattered petals of flowers lying on the floor mocked me for my inability to even arrange meagre stuff like that.”How do people manage and run so big businesses, go to work and still are composed and here I am failing at just a minuscule job, that too when I have the freehold of the things?” was the question which hit me hard after the table.

All my frustration flowed out of my eyes, leaving its salt on my cheeks.
No, I cannot remain in this agonized state and let my body and soul be punished every day.

I need to figure a way out so that my mornings are no more a burden of forthcoming strain. I need to resolve this so my nights which are meant for repose do not pass away in the lap of the hot and the cold.
That leaflet attached with the newspaper grabbed my attention as I was trying to clear the mess. There was some sort of flower exhibition taking place. My hovering eyes got stuck to one of the calligraphically appealing thumbnails.

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It read ‘Ikebana’.

Ikebana what is it ?

Ikebana, the Japanese tradition of arranging flowers not for beautification but to observe and appreciate little things which we tend to ignore normally. Also relating itself to spirituality, balancing the mind-body and soul is another way to achieve the state of mental peace. My path of coming out of my miserable state was in front me, making me realize that how much the flowers of my life need an Ikebana for me to calm down my wandering soul which has otherwise started affecting me physically.

Yes, I need one. But how do I do it?

The very basic step for the arrangement is to first collect those flowers, leaves, blossoms, branches and fruits etc which are not only appealing but also satiating to the necessity. Not all of them are required. A combination of what suits the choice and requirement does the needful. And then the beholder and the creator is left to muse upon the beauty and contemplate the same in their lives to attain harmony in thoughts. I must choose, classify and throw away what is not required.

With a hopeful heart, I started noting what all I need and what all I have.
What all to leave and what all to embrace.What all to see and what all to ignore.

All the tangible and intangible clutter now needs to be thrown away. Everything that hurdles the flow of thoughts should be swept away.

I have to do this so that I can beautifully arrange the flowers of my life.
For my Ikebana to come to life.

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