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Coming Home To My Lifeline, My Loving Family

Posted: December 27, 2019

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Every time I fly out of India, there is an upsurge of emotions; I have never been able to get used to the idea of leaving home without crying inconsolably. Hence, naturally, when I come home, it is a massive celebration to say the least.

I come home to my lifeline – my loving family. No matter how often and how long we speak on video calls every day and however regularly we update each other on even the tiniest parts of each day, nothing is comparable to the touch and hugs, the animated storytelling sessions, the in person endless laughter and insightful conversations and the magic of simply being around each other. Of course, what tops it all is the taste of mom-made food.

Coming home involves a digital detox and spending priceless time with my loved ones which is not only mentally rejuvenating but also emotionally uplifting. I still reminisce one of the best getaways when we spent a few days on the mango fields in a traditional courtyard home, feeling so together as a family and so away from the rest of the world. Another gem of a holiday was a few nights on the houseboat in the beautiful Alleppey where we ate without guilt, shared the good and the not-so-good things as well as behaved silly and stupid with no qualms at all.

Furthermore, an integral part of every journey has to be visiting diverse places – an eternal favorite is strolling amidst the old world charm of the Basavanagudi, Bengaluru and to keep discovering hidden gems like the quaint Mattur village in Karnataka where residents communicate in Samskrutham ( Sanskrit). It is an opportunity to see for myself all the progress, the changes, and the challenges and most importantly, to be able to think how I can give back. Through the years, coming home has taught me to enhance my understanding about my roots. Needless to say, there is increased reverence and infinite amount of gratitude.

When I meet with my old pals and when I reflect on how the city I have grown up in has evolved, they all give me stories to share, thoughts to ponder on and memorable pictures to cherish.

As a matter of fact, coming home to me is less about keeping it perfect and more about making it real and worthy.

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