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Now after hitting a half-century of my life & being blessed with an intelligent lovely daughter, I truly feel I have lived my life in a unique way.

I am a homemaker in my early fifties. I do not like to lie about my age in fact very proud of it as I have seen so much in life.

I would love to age gracefully super-rich with experiences, greying hair, plumper body, skin blemishes etc which automatically comes with the ageing process.We all love to speak about our childhood days, mischievous teenage years, romantic youthful days but… but are always sceptical speaking about our old age…

When we are born as a human, we enjoy our youthful years so why not enjoy our old age also ??? Life is ONE so let’s enjoy all stages of our life before we say Final goodbye to this world.

As for ME, I would always like to remain young at heart if not body…..enjoy all facilities of this Tech Savvy generation which was not there during our younger days… I truly believe to enjoy our life to the fullest, we should have the modern outlook of a youngsters & experiences of the older generation.
Now I would like to share my unique life story which I presume both young & old would like it.

I am a Punjabi kudi by birth but born & brought up in the City of Joy, Kolkata…I spent 2 decades of my life in Amar Sonar Bangla …..I just relished the extra spicy Phuchkas, gughni ( white peas curry), luchi aloor dum (poori & dum alu), Jhalmuri & so many other mouth-watering street food …Victoria, Lake, New Market, Park Street were the happening destinations during my younger days…

In my early twenties, we moved to Amchi Mumbai due to my father’s job … Ganapati, Dahi Handi, Navratri, Dandiya soon became an integral part of my life…I loved calling myself as Mumbaikar & thoroughly enjoyed this vibrant city of dreams…

After having my brief stints with northern, Eastern & Western states of India….my story now took an unexpected southern turn …… I met this Malayali handsome guy & lost my heart…….But after marriage when I first visited Kerala, the language went over my head. All spoke Malayalam which almost sounded like Chinese & Japanese to ME. I just smiled & nodded my head when I felt it was required…

This was 25 years ago…Nowadays cross-culture marriage has become very common but those days scenario was little different…. though it was an inter-caste marriage, It did happen with full support & blessings from both sides of the family…..

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Now after hitting a half-century of my life & being blessed with an intelligent lovely daughter, I truly feel I have lived my life in a unique way. I have been rooted & uprooted at different places & faced different circumstances but the end results always worked in my favour.

My motto in life …live life King size, be happy & make others happy too…

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Nisha Nayar

I am Homemaker by default. Always wanted to do something interesting in life during my younger days but time management was a problem then. But now my life scenario has changed, only daughter left India read more...

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