The Battle Of Being Declared The Best Mom

Instead, to be the best mom, moms can look forward to being a happy mom. This would, in turn, help the kids to be happy.

The battle of being the best mom starts from the day when a woman knows she is expecting or sometimes from the day the couple decides to have a baby.

There is a major question today’s women face – Will I be able to give it the required time due to professional responsibilities? If she decides to give up her career the question changes to – Will I be able to give the baby, the financial stability it needs? Women need to understand that giving the child time, money, attention etc everything perfectly doesn’t make the child perfect. Even if she cannot give the best she can give her best.

For being the best mom, women want to give everything – the best to the baby. For example, it starts with the best food. Nowadays there is so much information available on the internet, moms want to give everything. Even if the child doesn’t eat a particular thing, it is made to eat by showing mobile and other distraction feeding techniques. Women can try to feed everything but let the baby choose his food. Let it enjoy the food. Only if it enjoys that healthy food, it will benefit the baby’s health.

Till the time the mom is settling with the baby’s food, toilet training and other issues, a major thing going in her back of the mind is ‘ I have to choose the best school for him/her’. It all starts with searching the web with ‘criteria for choosing the best school’. She wants to have the best teachers, best infrastructure, best extracurricular activities and much more. This all comes with a big amount of fees and also getting admission there is a big task. If she is not able to get the admission in the school that she had shortlisted, due to any reason, she becomes the most guilty person in the world. The best thing that a mom can do is replace the ‘best’ from ‘best teachers, best infrastructure, etc’ with ‘good’ and most of the problems will be solved. Finally, the child’s future does not completely depend on the school. Kids from small schools of small villages also achieve great success, that the kids from the best schools in a metro city don’t. Also if the mom gives the best school she also expects the best scores from the kid. The first rankers are not the only successful people in the world and also that first rank does not even guarantee success. More than scores the knowledge that the kid gains are more important.

After the most difficult school’s choice comes the extracurricular classes. There is n number of classes available in the market right from sports, dance, music to other classes like phonics, abacus, Vedic maths, Cuemaths and many more. A mom wants her child to excel in all which is not practically possible and it pressurises the kid and the parents. The best class that, today’s mom has forgotten is to let play the child with other children in the society. This unknowingly enhances their interpersonal skills, skills of doing/playing what they want instead of just following the coaches of different classes. The strong argument to this is they want to channelize the energy of the kid. This is agreed but a minimum of 1 hour per week, free play with the other kids is a must. Classes should include learning and performing some art, sport, music or dance as it would be great in the reducing stress levels they may face in future. Again any activity done has to be from his heart and should not be a compulsion.

In the long run moms also unknowingly (sometimes) start expecting the best from the kids – the best marks, trophies in extracurricular activities and in many aspects. This, in turn, pressurises the kids, which actually has a negative impact.

After schools moms also want the best career for their kids. It is high time people need to understand only doctors and engineers don’t have the best careers. The best career is in which kids would enjoy their work. This would help the kids to be happy, feel satisfied and also deal with problems in their work more confidently.

The job of a mom is not limited for some time but it is for years and years. Instead, to be the best mom, moms can look forward to being a happy mom. This would, in turn, help the kids to be happy.

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