How Is It Working In An All Men Environment?

I am comfortable with guys around. I did not have thought of insecurity before joining an all-male workplace.

Two years ago, I got an interview call after being at home for almost 3 months. I did not want to even go for this interview because of the location that would need too much travelling every day. But somehow due to insistence, I found myself sitting in the reception area waiting for my turn to give my interview. To be honest I was least prepared for this. Anyway, I was only there because I was insisted to go.

To my surprise, the interview went well and I was selected for the Job. It is said that good things come to you when you least expect it. The same happened to me. Although I compromised with the travelling part as I was happy with the job profile and working environment.

With a working environment let me specify that I was the only female in staff with all other males in the Company. For some reasons, I am comfortable with guys around. I did not have thought of insecurity before joining.

There are certain MYTHS related to the all-men working environment:

  1. They are the stronger gender and give you tough competition. You cannot succeed with males around you.
  2. It is just unsafe to work with all Men.
  3. No matter how hardworking you are, it’s the males who’re going to get the higher pay cheques.

So after being a part of the Company for 2 years, I learned a few things which clear out that the above mentioned are really just MYTHS:

  1. Not all male-driven workplaces are horrible. I’ve been lucky enough to work in a certain environment with men who are nurturing, graceful and kind, where being a woman hasn’t affected my professional experience in the slightest.
  2. It is not ALWAYS unsafe to work with men. Why are all men considered as predators?? There are still good guys alive making this world a better place.
  3. Your pay cheque is decided on the basis of your talent, hard work, efficiency etc. and not on the basis of your gender.
  4. It is less noisier, more confrontational and no gossips with males around.
  5. You do not have to stress yourself to look best at the workplace. Guys do not know what the latest trend is anyway.
  6. Men are the most non-judgmental species. They will never ever judge you with your personal choices.
  7. Being the only female, you get extra care and attention.
  8. They do give you competition, but that makes you strong to face the world.
  9. Don’t take things so seriously! You’re at work with your co-workers more time than you are anyplace else. Have fun! You don’t need to be a stand-up comedian, but you can take things lightly and have some fun.
  10. Speak up and speak out. You are smart. You have ideas. If you don’t share them and take credit for them, someone else will. And it will most likely be a man.

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