The Hustle Bustle Outside My Window

The way they enter the main gate with the hope of a good day, I wish they retire with all dreams come true.

I stay in a Housing Society and my home is located at the centre of the society, facing the main entrance of it. I am surrounded by a wonderful vicinity. A lush green garden in my front and backyard. A big mango tree tall and bushy trying to peep into my window. My daily companion whom I stare at and get lost in thoughts. A few birds who keep on chirping, butterflies and honeybees that allure me. And many busy minds enter and exit the main gate. But what intrigues me the most are maids that come daily for house-chores. I know many personally. I think they are the epitome of strength, happiness, women-power, single Moms who work hard for better living. Besides their busy schedule, they sit beneath the Mango tree while transiting between their jobs. I sometimes sense a serious talk, witty banter talk, ideal talk, pillow talk, and casual talk ….etc. It’s a place for them to rejuvenate, make friends, and find new jobs and gossip. It’s a place where they talk about their identity.

When I stare at them from my window. They set many examples in front of me.

  • A Mother: – who feels a bit unsecured and guilty to leave her kids for 6 hours a day (no daycare/nannies for them). Working really hard to give a better tomorrow to her kids in all aspects of life.
  • A wife: – who slogs for 4 hours more than her husband to fulfil their dream of owning a single room house.
  • A daughter: who is helping her mother, so that she can get married to a better family than hers?
  • A single Mom: who is a victim of circumstances, but is confident that she will surpass this too with her hard work.

In their hand to mouth situation too they have set goals for themselves, which they are trying to reach with lots of hard work and integrity. The way they enter the main gate with the hope of a good day, I wish they retire with all dreams come true.

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