My Work From Home Story!!

I had left my job in 2012, but never stopped working. Right from the next day of getting relieved from my job, I have been freelancing. I have worked as a visiting faculty, English language content creator (for different organizations), and a guest writer for many websites.

After my daughter was born, the need of venting out and my love for writing took me to blog, but in no time blogging became a profession and took a front seat in my life. Today, I have my hands full of work. I am actively blogging, have started working on my own blog too, I am working with my husband’s organization as subject matter expert (English). A lot of people have in these 6-7 years have passed on statements like “wow this is good you can work at your comfort” or “this is good you can work anytime you want”.

Well, let me tell you working from home is not easy at all especially when a woman is doing that. Yes, sad but that is still a reality. So, for all those people who think that working from home has been someone’s advantage. Sorry, but you are wrong. The baby doesn’t understand that and behaves the way he/she wants. The visitors on our door don’t understand that and visit us sometimes with and sometimes without invitation. Our electricity breaks down, our chores get piled up and we are expected to finish them because after all, we are at home the whole day.

Forget about others, we ourselves discipline our work a little less. Since my second one has come I have realized that I have been missing my deadlines often. Thankfully, I work with a bunch of very nice people and they do accommodate it but in the long run, I realized I am lagging behind my goals.

After months of contemplation, I have finally set a work station for myself. A desk where my laptop will be set up permanently. Where I can put up sticky notes of my deadlines, where I can have a drawer full of the stationary required, where I can put up a photo of my kids and most importantly where I do nothing but work. I have now pledged to spend at least 2 hours a day on my work station doing something constructive.

This step has also reassured me that my zeal to do something has not died and if that zeal is in the place it is all good.

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