I Am The Same Who Was Thrown

This poem talks about how women have been marginalized since the times of our mythology and explores if anything has changed for us?

I am the same who was thrown,
in the pyre in the name of Sati
I am the same who was thrown,
in the fire to prove my loyalty as Sita
I am the same Draupadi, who was left behind,
in the Himalayan foothill by the five of you.
I am the same, thrown by you,
in the the temple, as a Daasi
I am the same who has traveled,
through light and fire,
In your History and Mythology books.
Only to be labelled as a Powerful Woman.
That powerful Woman, who is still finding,
where is her Fire, within or outside.

Only to be found that,
She is trapped, only to be thrown away.

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