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I Am The Same Who Was Thrown

Posted: August 19, 2019

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I am the same who was thrown,
in the pyre in the name of Sati
I am the same who was thrown,
in the fire to prove my loyalty as Sita
I am the same Draupadi, who was left behind,
in the Himalayan foothill by the five of you.
I am the same, thrown by you,
in the the temple, as a Daasi
I am the same who has traveled,
through light and fire,
In your History and Mythology books.
Only to be labelled as a Powerful Woman.
That powerful Woman, who is still finding,
where is her Fire, within or outside.

Only to be found that,
She is trapped, only to be thrown away.

Image via Pexels

She keeps wandering, she was also caught in the class as she was day dreaming,

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