How I Tackled The Negativity In My Mind

Life is made up of habits. We always have a choice to change a habit and enhance our life.

It was a regular evening where I was doing my chores. I usually turn on the podcast and do the dishes in an auto pilot mode. I tuned in to Jay Shetty’s podcast in which he was suggesting the listeners to make a gratitude journal. A curious bug got into my head and I started my research on this journal. I was expecting religious articles but was surprised to see the scientific evidence and studies conducted that glorifies the habit of practicing gratitude. I started this journey by mid May 2019. Here are some of my learnings.

What is Gratitude?

Gratitude means to be able to find things to be grateful for even in adverse situations. Our brain is negatively biased which means, we are naturally wired to peruse negativity around us, and negative feeling linger onto us for a longer time than the positive.

Why are we negatively biased?

Our negatively biased nature is a product of evolution. Our ancestors lingered in the wild quite often, this habit made them cautious because of past negative experiences while hunting. This in turn caused humans to be more in tune with the negative trait.

Does a negative biased mind serve any purpose in the modern era?

As humans, we evolved to survive. And cognitive biases may have helped serve that purpose. But the modern world presents many scenarios that demand more rational decisions.

Let us know more about how can we tackle the negative bias mind through gratitude journal.


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