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“Always” Thumbs Up For Working Mom

Posted: August 19, 2019

While juggling multiple roles, don’t forget you are important too.  Make yourself a priority because no one else will with #KhayaalRakhna

“Oh.. you have a son who’s just 7 months old … How will you be able to devote that kind of time in the office .. ???”

“Tell me why do you need a job.. you already have enough work to do at home??”

Questions like these are not new or unknown to any new mother looking for an opportunity to get back to work. I was not an exception either. After working in a reputed institute in a metro city in India, I wanted to explore opportunities in the other city closer to my family. And .. here I am .. being interviewed by one of the Big Pharma Company in the town. I was returning to work after the birth of my son who was just a few months old then. Instead of technical questions about my knowledge and skillset, I was bombarded by questions about my motherhood. I was absolutely anxious and nervous while answering those and wondered whether even new Dads were asked such questions.

For those who are hiring new moms, I must tell you that you have never met an excellent agile time manager like her. She has mastered the art of completing all the household chores during baby’s nap time. She has managed to stay away from the limelight for a very long time still gave her warmth and support to the baby. She struggled to put aside her postpartum depression and never let her fears surface while taking care of the baby. And now, she is all ready to keep her motherhood aside for a moment and search for professional opportunities. She might not be able to devote long hours in the office, but she will make sure to finish most of the tasks before the deadline. You won’t see her wandering away, passing time, taking long breaks as she has to go back to her baby in time. And I guess that’s what is needed for any organisation to succeed.

Working mothers need support and a platform for proving their performance. After becoming a mother, I realised a constant battle in mothers’ minds. And I salute to all women who take care of their little ones and try to answer the “professional” questions in the office. Here I do not undermine the ‘stay at home’ moms. According to me, that is the toughest role you can ever have. Moms who decide to work at least explore the world outside, meet new friends, and get some time to detach from their homes. Stay at home moms, are many times taken for granted.
Being a mother is spirit and it’s the feeling of accomplishment above all successes and failures … keep walking moms … your little ones are your reflections … Hats off to you…

Image via Pexels

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