“Society.. Pass Your Judgment.. I Don’t Care.”

Sex, oh no don’t say that this loud, what are you doing don’t read it, stop!!!

Why are you thinking about it? Are you a slut? What is sex that is such a taboo? Well… figure it out yourself… What are the ways of figuring it out? Well.. one main was PORN.

Oh, wait that’s illegal too. So what are your sexual preferences? Don’t share it because you are going to be judged. 

Oh look… she coloured her hair ..what a slut!

Oh look she has a tattoo …must be completely out of hand ..Oh my God… look at her waist it is visible. So sex is a pretty big word.

No.. No.. No.. she is not a virgin!! Who will marry her because she is not pure anymore? …because it is the duty of a woman to have the families respect protected between her legs.

Don’t educate her this much …eventually she is going to be married what is the purpose of it then? You are a lesbian!!! How do you know it is just a phase that is unnatural?? It will pass.

You smoke hawwww how can you?

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People are going to judge you no matter what, people will judge on your sexual preferences. They are going to judge you how your hair is and how many tattoos you have on your body. They will judge you if your skin is visible because hawww.

They are going to call you names but the reality is they are those who never in their life stood up. These are people who are mentally crippled. One doesn’t need their validation to stand up for oneself. Be your own girl! 

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