Love Gives You Wings Or Is It An Illusion?

Love is not an illusion. It is way more than a fantasy but it can sway people far far away from the real world.

Sudden huge doses of love have made you addicted and the high sends you back for more and more, even when it doesn’t feel right. You felt like an addict looking for the next supply. But there is no supply instead, the supplier has made you his beast of burden, you are his puppet and you do everything he commands you to do. 

You start losing a bit of you every day until your soul leaves you. Because she cannot live anymore in the mess you have created within you. Hypnotized you do everything, you sell yourself for that next bit of love overdose. It felt unreal. It felt out of the world.

Not knowing that Later on, it will feel like a trap you sink deeper in the sinister love. This love is different and you crave for more. You are unable to see the world around you. You do not know why.

Love is not an illusion. It is way more than a fantasy but it can sway people far far away from the real world. Isolated from the world, you don’t know why you are not trying to get out when your insides are crying for it, you are thinking your love supply will return, you are lonely, fighting the knots in your gut which are churning and turning hoping you will wake up from the horrific illusion. Your feet are raising by themselves in an attempt to take you away from the situation but you do not want to go. You do not want to give up. You will sacrifice everything for that one more dose of love which once made you feel heavenly. Never realizing it was a lie of lies, you start finding mistakes in yourself . introspecting what could have sent the supplier away. This love was different, it exploded you every day. Every day it made you weak, a lesser human than yesterday.

The supplier has taken everything which once belonged to you. your life, your identity, bare you, steel cold inside, all alone dependent on the monster for everything. You are his captive now. You ignore your bruises, you ignore your inner voice you still do not want to give up. The abuser knows you are not the one to give up. But one day your soul returns. she finds her body back, her anchor to this physical world because you somehow have managed to found love within you. You are amazed to see the strength of this new found love, It made you enough, just enough, a perfect masterpiece of your creator. Once again believing in yourself, loving yourself you fly through his prison’s wall as a sovereign you always were.

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