I Am Sad Too, Let’s Keep On Fighting Our Battles

All of us have emotions, we feel, we stress and we overthink. This can't stop us from surviving, moving on and fighting our battles.

All of us have emotions, we feel, we stress and we overthink. This can’t stop us from surviving, moving on and fighting our battles.

I am an emotional person, someone who is highly sensitive. I recently came across an article that talked about a few signs that help you figure out if you are highly sensitive. For me, there was a tick on 20 out of 21 pointers. However, you don’t really need any checklist, if you are sensitive, you know it. You may be reacting to things sooner than others; you may be minding the mildest comments, or you may get irritated or influenced by sounds or smells more often. Well, the reason why I have mentioned this point of sensitiveness is that oversensitive people are more prone to sadness, stress, anxiety or depression than others. Hence, it becomes very important for us to have our gears ready all the time.


In order to know how to deal with stress, we need to first understand how our minds work and what brings in negativity or sadness to us. For example, one of the triggers in my case is negative talks or experiences even if my own self is not affected by any of those directly. I tend to imbibe others’ negative experiences and react the way I otherwise would if those things were happening to me. I am conscious of it and I am learning to deal with it. Everyone is different and not all sensitive people would have similar problems, therefore, it is important for us to know ourselves better. Contemplate. Anyways sensitive people are good in that 🙂

Women are said to be more emotional than men. We can very well disagree with this but the fact I agree with is that women are first trained to recognize and then allowed to acknowledge and talk about their emotions more freely. Feel good about it because according to me that does half of the job for stress management. Let’s try to make it a habit to critically comment on bad practices but also cherish the ones that do well for us as human beings.

I am going through a spell of stress or sadness or anxiety or depression from last few days. I am not from the psychology of medical science background to clearly pinpoint and tell what exactly it is but I am sure about a fact that it certainly does not feel nice. Human minds are complex and unique and hence, our focus should be on thoughts management than the nomenclature. What is important here to train our thoughts and habits (and I am also trying to learn) to manage ourselves during these times of distress.

Express what you feel

It has become our regular habit to refer to search engines to find a solution. To any and all of our problems or issues at hand. During the past few days, when I was trying to find ways to deal with my unexplained sadness, one thing triggered me. The articles and posts that you read are mostly to do or not to do lists that one should follow and somehow lack that effect. Or you would find stories of people on how they dealt with the situation. Hence, I made it a point that I will write this post when I am still going through this feeling. I am trying to help myself and my readers can try to work on themselves along with me.

I may be one step further because right now I am motivated enough to write whereas certain emotions may not allow you to even pick pen and paper or sit on a computer. Let me tell you that I wasted the last two days crying and not doing anything, so take your time. Be easy on yourself and let your emotions flow. It’s okay to cry or be angry unless you are not hurting anyone seriously. Don’t talk or respond to people if you don’t want to. Your first responsibility is your own self.

What I seriously request you all to do is to express your emotions to someone whom you trust. It would be a good idea if this person is not directly involved in your life (hence would not judge you) and sensible enough to listen to you. During these phases of emotional turmoil, you may feel you have no one but take this immediate step to find a sensible person and share your feelings with him/her. It will not help you immediately but gives some relief of letting out the burden. It’s okay if your sentences don’t make sense. Just say what you feel.

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After crying, sleeping and feeling worthless for the last two days, today I am trying to do things that I like. I like writing articles based out of my personal experiences, hence, I am writing this post. Earlier during the day, I did some painting. It was difficult to concentrate and I painted very bad as per my own assessment of my skills. Still at least I did that effort to pick up my brushes and colours. Bad results challenged me to try again and brought in some action to my slow paced life. So try to break this monotony and do whatever without feeling guilty of wasting time. It’s your life, you own it, and you will decide what you want to do with it (given that you value and cherish it).

Fresh start

Today, I also tried to own my space by cleaning it a bit and putting in some stickers. I read somewhere that reading certain ideas, again and again, help us imbibe those. So, while I was searching for ideas/experiences that could help me bring in some positivity, I came across one article. It gave me hope in terms of few phrases which are common but are important to be repeatedly told to ourselves. I wrote these on sticky notes and pasted in my room. Things written in your own handwriting give you hope, I believe.

We, humans, are conscious of our identities and how others perceive us. And sensitive people are more so because they wish to avoid extra attention and hence commenting on their selves. Hence, I am challenging myself by writing my feelings and making that public through this post. I wish to state to my readers that I too feel sad often. Currently dealing with sadness and will again feel so in the future. I am human and I am alive. Also I am sensitive too but I am lucky enough to have things in life. Things that the majority of the population in the world only aspires for.

Life is a journey and no two lives are the same. We feel similar emotions differently. So I don’t want to preach anyone anything. I just want to tell people who are going through the sadness that you are not alone. Don’t lose hope. Have faith in yourself and in this world. Keep fighting your battles.

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