Dear Dad… Thank You!

A heart warming post by a daughter to her father on Father's Day.

Dear Dad,

Remember the day when i was born,

Oh who am I kidding of course you do.

Remember how the great societies stereotypes were torn,

Because with your most happiest smile you said that your daughter was born.

I remember how we used to live in a small house,

And how I didn’t have all the stuff that my classmates had.

But I also remember that how you used to save money and bring me gifts and treats at the end of every month just for my happiness,

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Because I guess keeping me happy was one of your life’s prime vows.

I remember I was not that an easy kid, exactly kinda stubborn I should say,

But you still used to keep my choices as your first preference all the way.

I remember how you always used to cover up my little mischievous and also scolded me for the big mistakes,

And how you always used to take my side in the universal sibling quarrels.

I know things have not been that easy since we started growing up,

And after we lost mom to God, life has been a quite tough ride for you, trust me I know that too.

And I also know that I have not been that “good” all the time…

We have arguments and we also fight a lot of time..

But trust me after every fight i also feel sorry in the night..

I hope that we spend a lot more coming years together but you know no one knows what’s in the future…

So dear Dad right now i just want to thank you for always being your best..

I know we have differences, but thank you for always trying to solve them…

And thank you for not bounding me with stereotypes but instead feeding me with good values to nurture…

Dear Dad thank you for making my dreams yours and helping me throughout in achieving them..

I know that I’ll fail a lot of times and I might even think of giving up at a point…

But i also know that even at that time when no one will be there you’ll still be by my side always in the life’s run..

Dear Dad, thank you for always uplifting my hopes and my spirit

Thank you for being there for me and loving me when the whole world was mocking me and pushing me down….

Thank you for always letting me be who I am and helping me to find my own identity..

And thank you for making me believe the fact that everything I dream, I deserve it….

Dear Dad, thank you always encouraging me to have an opinion and to raise my voice against anything that I feel is wrong..

Thank you for always believing in me and supporting me…

Even in the times when every voice around you warned you that your daughter is wrong..

Dear Dad, thank you for making me self independent and shaping me in the woman I am today…

Thank you for making me realize that I have a voice and a choice…

And thank you for helping me realize the most important fact that I will, always be unique in my own way…

Dear Dad, thank you for always letting me do what I want to do..

And also for always being there by my side to catch me whenever I fall…

Thank you for always supporting me and trusting me with all your heart..

And also thank you for not only being a father, but being my mother and my best friend too…

And dear Dad, at last

Thank you for always having time for me and for being the best thing that could ever happen to me…

And I hope that just like this you’ll always be around me.. For me.. because no matter whatever I’ll do, I’ll always need you…

Dear Dad Thank You! 

Image is a still from the movie Jersey Girl


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