10 Father’s Day Gifts From Rs 0 – 10,000 That Would Be Great Picks!

3rd Sunday of June, which falls this year on 16th June 2019, is Father's Day. Here is a handy list of budget Father's Day gifts from which you can choose.

3rd Sunday of June, which falls this year on 16th June 2019, is Father’s Day. Here is a handy list of budget Father’s Day gifts from which you can choose.

Like anybody else, my father is my superhero. If my mother is the symbol of unconditional love, it was my father who taught me the rational side of love. I have never heard my mother say NO to me. But, I learnt to say NO at the right time only from my dad.

Yes, he is a strict person, but the last person in the family to think about self-comfort. Since he is the keeper of records for the family I know he is very much budget oriented, and I know that many people share the same experience.

So for this Father’s Day, if you wish to gift something to your father which fits into your budget ,and which you think might be enjoyed by him, then you are at the right place.

Here are a few Father’s Day gifts you can consider getting for him.

Magazine organizer

A typical day for my father starts with sipping his coffee with one hand and surfing the newspaper with the other. Sometimes, even the coffee can be late, but not the newspaper. And if there is an interesting news item which he is not able to read right away, he would always make a mark on that newspaper to read at a later time.

If your father is such a person then this magazine organizer is surely a pleasing gift.

Price tag: Rs 3,249

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Garden tool kit

Let’s not forget that our parents lived in a greener world than we do. They always gave importance to their motor skills in all sorts of natural ways.

Gifting a garden tool kit would definitely rekindle the old memories of the past. Believe me when I say this, because when I called my parents to baby sit my daughters, I convinced my father with the terrace garden idea.

Price tag: Rs 1,919

Handmade notebook

What if your father likes to make notes? Or keep a diary? Or jot down household and other expenses? Maybe he likes to write down all the interesting things he has read. Whatever the reason, nothing is more appropriate than a handmade notebook to give to your father.

Price tag: Rs 599

Spa treatment

A spa treatment is the best way to pamper your father with the luxury which he had been avoiding for so long. He might not buy it for himself…but maybe you can gift him some little extra comfort? So for this father’s day gift the experience of lavishness.

Price tag: Rs 300 – 6,000

Teach him to use an App

When it comes to worldly knowledge, your father might know so much more than you, but you might certainly be ahead of him in the knowledge of apps and how they work – after all, you grew up with technology that he hadn’t seen in his childhood. It is always a mutual pleasure when you teach how to use an Application to your father. You can also teach him how to download the proper app from the app store to be self-reliant.

Price tag: FREE

Small budget trips

Material gifts are not the only gifts. In fact, making memories are the most cherished ones.  Plan for a small trip with the family to a nearby location.  Choose a location that your father has once visited or he has been longing to visit. You can make it more convenient by also getting him a travel organiser bag which will impress him.

Price tag: Rs 7,000 – 10,000

Portable projector

If travelling is not your father’s cup of tea, then you can think of organising a party in your home with this portable projector. Bring the theatre to your drawing room and dedicate a special movie for him. You can also surprise him by inviting his friends. Make the day peppier by cooking some of his favourite snacks for the movie time.

Price tag: Rs 10,000

Key finder

If there is one thing that annoys my father in a busy day, it would be not finding his keys. It not only irritates him but also delays his work schedule. This key finder will be a greta gift.

Price tag: Rs 250

Cast iron utensils

Men too could love to cook for their family. After all, the cooking ingredients or the vessels cannot recognize the gender of the cook!

On this day let your father take the reins from your mother and show his love visibly. Instead of the costly non-stick cookware which is not good for health you can choose a cast iron cookware which acts more like non-stick and to make his work more easy you can buy a cast iron seasoning kit too.

Price tag: Rs 3,200

Earbuds with Bluetooth

I know that our fathers belong to a different generation but that doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy the comforts of technology.

If your father loves to exercise, or just likes his music, let him enjoy with this pair of earbuds which have a Bluetooth facility. Who knows, the music he listens to, will motivate him for one more round of rep.

Price tag: Rs 2,999

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