Why Treat Bahu And Beti Differently?

Let us start giving equal respect to both bahu and beti, not just verbally but through our actions as well.

I am astonished beyond words when I see the prevailing system in our society where daughters and daughters-in-law are given differential treatment.

Bahus are supposed to be ideal, tolerant, tireless and selfless whereas it is alright for the beti to be delicate. Look at our culture and you will see that beti is allowed to wear whatever she wants to but bahu’s dressing must be as per the social rules.

Actually, bahus are not allowed to live happily…Bahu is considered to be a creature who should be willing to bear the load of expectations without any expectations or love. Bahu in a ghoonghat is deemed sanskaari whereas beti can be sanskaari even in shorts.

Most of the times parents-in-law do not allow or wish that a bahu lives like a beti in their house but still proclaim to the world that they consider their bahu to be their beti. Who knows what goes on inside the closed doors of the house? With TV shows that further amplify the situation, there seems to b no hope for the bahu in this regressive society.

The beti of the house can chill and have a day out with friends without being bound to a deadline but if the bahu attempts this, she is considered to be marring the dignity of the family. It seems like marriage is a universally accepted imprisonment for girls. After marriage, a girl is supposed to pay deference to all by veiling but do men are compelled to veil.. ??

Girl’s parents touch feet of their son in law… why? Just because they bore a daughter… why all human beings are not treated equally? Girls-boys, beti-bahu.. all are differentiated by our so-called society…. it sucks when I think about it.. very few partners have the courage to convince their family and change their narrow mindedness.

I urge the youth and elderly people to not kill the desires of a bahu girl to live a happy life..They also deserve a happy life. They also have the right to smile, laugh, wear clothes as per their choice and live a fulfilling life. Their life must not be solely dependent on individuals around her but also have an aspect of her individuality.

From this day, let us start giving equal respect to both bahu and beti, not just verbally but through our actions as well.

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