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I Am A Mom And A Dream Chaser #Mother’s Day

Posted: May 13, 2019

While juggling multiple roles, don’t forget you are important too.  Make yourself a priority because no one else will with #KhayaalRakhna


Those tiny hands that I tried to hold in my palm many years back…hold my hand today. The patting on his back with a lullaby has been replaced with him patting my back as he tried to clam my anxious heartbeat. My baby who always wore what I chose for him, today tells me what I should wear.

If I am asked that being a mother was a compulsion or choice; I would proudly admit that it has been my choice. A choice that I knowingly made… I always follow my heart and take decisions that help me grow as a person. Yes.. i am a mom and a dream chaser.

More than five years of motherhood has changed a lot in my life but one thing that grew stronger is the resolve to chase my dreams. As a working mom, I get only a few hours in the day to be with my son but I try to make the most of that short period. The pride in successfully solving a puzzle with him is equal to winning the 1st runner up of “Ms. Professional”. The fun of sharing stories with him is equal to going for a superb holiday.

Together we both have toured around 13 European countries. With each tour, we both grew in many aspects. I grew to be a better mom, my son grew to be more adaptive and we both got closer to each other. I became his best friend and he became my best travel buddy. As a single mom, I am trying to fit into two pair of shoes; he as a single child became my companion. Dreams that I chase are not just mine but are the ones that a couple had for their kid.

I am a proud mother who is trying to be a role model for the tiny boy who is soon going to be 6. I am a mom and much more #MomAndMore

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