Break Free!

Exploring the emotions of a woman who is trapped in her existence.. and wants to break free!

What freedom do you talk about
When she lives in the world within herself

She is tired yet restless
She is broken yet spirited
She is shaken but composed
She is even caged but wants to fly!

For all a woman longs for
To be able to break free
Break-free from the shackles
The norms
The rules
That people around her make for her

Within her is a deep anger
The rage and the fire
She is ready to explode
Waiting to be explored

She nurtures the hope
To be happy
And be at peace
In the world where
No matter what happens
She hopes her happiness won’t cease

No more does she want
To be bruised and torn
Nothing always have to be
Right or wrong

It’s her life
She wishes to live along
In her own way
On her own terms
Only then can she break free

To be herself
Without a fear to be who she is
To be able laugh and rejoice
With a twinkle in her eyes

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