Who We Are…. A Beginning

We need to promise ourselves to spend some time to reflect upon ourselves as to 'Who We Are?' and 'What is our purpose?'

In the daily commotion and busy lifestyle, people have lost themselves and have rather become duplicates of the one next to them…The big questions here could be about the Big Bang and God, which question our form and existence. Materialism has become more profound than the self. As Sadhguru said in one of his talks, “There are endless PhDs for everything but ourselves.” It has become important for us to question and research ourselves.

Sipping my cup of tea, sitting on my bed, looking at a monotonous evening through the window, I was overwhelmed by these thoughts. Who am I? What am I doing? Am I happy? Am I living my childhood dreams? It all began there, a search for self, a search for existence, a search for belongingness…

I travelled down the memory lane where I was a young smart girl brimming with a smile and asking questions to my parents, teachers, and friends… As a young child, I would always try to come out of my cocoon and exhibit myself confidently. At times I was appreciated by my father, who would encourage me…maybe he was able to see something in me which I am still searching for.? Yes! Somewhere down the lane, I feel I have forgotten myself. I had an urge to do something big or great where people would recognize me and my efforts in making a better society.

We often find ourselves questioning our capabilities, “Do I have it in me??” Well yes, I do and so do you! Still knowing the fact we make excuses, and call ourselves liable to other spheres of life such as job, family and kids.

‘Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.’ I think we need to promise ourselves to spend some time to reflect upon ourselves as to ‘Who We Are?’ and ‘What is our purpose?’ We belong to the 21st century where we believe in empowering one’s self and also the people around us!

Let me clear the clutter around and start a fresh, spend some ‘me’ time amidst the refreshing the breeze and do something worthwhile as I start on my journey to find my true-self today.


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