God Will Come…!

Do you believe in the divine power? If yes, keep the faith...God will come!

When winter will come and make you cold hearted

I’ll come like summer to brighten your face,

When the sun will set and evening will make you wither

I’ll come like a bouncy cold breeze to vitalize you,

When the sun will shine bright and sunlight will make you dry

I’ll come like the first rain to freshen you,

When the cloud will come and usher a storm in your life

I’ll come like a flower to add colour to your life,

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When fog will hinder your path and left you frustrated

I’ll come like a ray of light to appreciate you,

When the night will come and memories will surround you

I’ll come like a new star to add beauty to your sky,

When the wind will blow and make you blind

I’ll come like a lovely cold air to pacify you,

I’ll come don’t worry!


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