Do You Know About The Womb Removal Practice In Maharashtra?

50 percent of the women in Beed district of Maharashtra undergo hysterectomy as a norm after birthing two or three children.

I recently read a news article which reported that “50 percent of the women in Beed district of Maharashtra undergo hysterectomy as a norm after birthing two or three children.”

Do you think this is a measure for population control? No!! This is because a woman on her period cannot work efficiently as a sugarcane worker! Shocking!! Isn’t it?

Read the full news here:

Now that you have read it, here are some of the observations that totally shook me:

  • The woman has no say in her hysterectomy. It is a choice made by their family.
  • The contractors give them a lump sum as advance money for the surgery and later recover it from their salary.
  • The couple is subjected to a fine of INR 500 by the contractor for break in services due to the surgery.
  • The place of work for women have no toilets. Hence, it becomes difficult for a woman to work throughout the day without using the washroom. Solution is hysterectomy! No periods, no need of toilets!

How do we find a solution?

As citizens of India, we have become used to blaming the Government for everything. For this particular matter, let us think about some solutions.

Exploitation happens when there are no strict rules and policies. The stricter the rules, the better are the results! Some possible solutions could be:

Eliminate the Contractor Layer

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If we eliminate the mediator layer of the contractors, the workers and the sugarcane mill owners will directly interact with each other. This would lead to transparency in work and wages.

Create Rules and Regulations

Extracting INR 500 as fine from the couple is pure exploitation! So is the practice of not giving women a choice to decide about their body. Enforcing rules and policies and fines for those who flout these can be a possible solution.

Collective Efforts

Social media communities hold the power of creating awareness leading to revolutionary change. Bringing the Government to notice the matter through social media and helping the women through the support of NGOs can help bring about a change.

Constructing bathrooms and toilets

Much has been spoken about the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan but there needs to work done in rural areas. Constructing bathrooms and toilets will ensure better hygiene for women.

Often, we are s consumed in thinking about our own self and the welfare of our families that we ignore the larger welfare of the community. Let us take out time from our busy schedules and think about ways in which we can bring about a change.

We celebrate Navratri every year. We are a wonderful creation of God. Let’s show the world the real power of women who give birth to a new life. Let women be celebrated in their true essence.

If you find this article helpful, share so that it reaches a wider audience. If you have more suggestions regarding this issue, please drop in your comments. 

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