Look At Her!

Take a moment out of your busy lives to look at the little childhood delights...how we yearn to go back in time.

Look at her!

So high she swings,
How sweet she sings.

She swings so high
And you watch it with a sigh.
Longing for those days of past
Which left you very fast.

Did that pass you in a hurry?
Do you really worry?

Admired those rides,
Those steps that led you to heights
As in the slides
And despised those downward flight.
Do you really think you were right?

No! Don’t lie with a sigh,
Don’t wail for that makes you fail.
Those childhood delights
Helped you alight,
But you didn’t want to.
Always wished to grow
And now you know
How good
Were those days of childhood.

Up above the world so high
You reached to long to lie
Amongst the stones on grounds.
Unknown, undisturbed, and unhounded.


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