Gulmohar – A Tribute

Love, hope and the will to live... trees teach us so many simple lessons of life!

The world calls her “a Gulmohar tree”

A mere tree? No, she is a beautiful reverie!

My soul mate, my muse! Much more than what the world can see!


Holding up her green silk gown, she dances gracefully to the wind’s tune

She teases the sky and breaks into a giggle

Spiritedly, she does a tango with the moon.


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Vivacious, yet so womanly and chaste

She stands, firmly grounded on her roots.

Savours every moment of life, never in haste.


Resplendent with flaming red blooms, she is the new bride in town

Her eyes are pregnant with her dreams, her hopes

Waves of emotions rise in her heart. New and unknown!


Many moons later, I met her again one winter

Destiny, man, social order! Whatever you name it, had cast its evil eye on her.

She stood bare and withered, notwithstanding their banter.


The sight was more than I could bear

Yet, I went my way

Alone, we fight our battles here.


The world had written her off, while I lingered on with hope

From a distance, fingers crossed, I watched

Gallantly, she walked the tightrope.


She persisted, I prayed. Yet recouping seemed a far-off cry

Invincible that she is, she sprang to life, by and by

The dogma that the world had about her, she did defy!


She is in full bloom again. Oh! What a view!

There’s a song in my heart and a tear in my eye;

whilst she does a jig crooning, “Life’s calling, where are you?”


This time I can’t help but, smile and salute

This ode is for her;

A Tribute!


Image via Pixabay


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