An Ode To A Fellow Travelling Spouse

Change of location beckons a change in the way of living. It is not everyone's cup of tea but those who are addicted to it, can't do without it.

I must, I must, provide a preface,

Don’t want to be taken amiss, just in case,

Since I know this is just a passing phase.

India, Canada, Thailand, and now the Emirates,

Travelling has taught me to bury my hatchets.

Where will I go from here and then on,

Answer for which, is not one which I pawn.

Growing up at a time in a country so vast and opportunities few,

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You learn to use the trodden path, never askew.

Engineer or doctor, Master of Science,

Music or Arts was never given preference,

Choose the wrong one, and you will be given the unasked guidance.

These were options yes, limited they were,

Accept we did and we wouldn’t dare bicker.

When the time came to prepare our trousseaus,

Adept were we in cooking, work and chores.

Taught we were to multitask,

No time really, to relax and bask.

Marriage, kids, in-laws and careers,

Honestly speaking, initially, none of this is cohere,

We did all of that, with a smile and ne’er a sneer!

Donned we new names, as expatriates,

Who is a typical one? Sorry, there is really no portrait.

New places and people, and pleasures of travel,

Was a good choice, really no need for preamble.

Time came to choose between unknown and known,

And get used to not being home-grown.

Option not one to moan and groan,

But one that means we had (hopefully) a lesser loan.

In all the countries, east or west,

A job I had, and was I blessed.

Writing and IT was my forte,

Giving me room for a lot of headway.

Pride I had in being a career woman,

A drive and zest with a completely different engine.

Having a job, hasn’t made me high-browed,

But it has taught me to understand the knowhow,

Giving me the ability for any intellectual pow-wow.

New appreciations for homemakers have I now,

Careers and ambitions, did they say a Ciao,

Some because they wanted to and some took a bow.

Not less intelligent or driven are they from their career counterparts,

The only difference is that their contribution doesn’t hit the charts!

The country where I now live,

Is not one where we are a native,

Nor the one that I am held by my desires captive,

But the one that my spouse and I, chose as an optive.

I must admit, I want to find my career’s doorknob.

Positive suggestions do friends and family share,

Just to remind me I don’t need to despair.

Experience and strengths on me do I wear,

All I want is an opportunity fair.

Maybe if I was not a trailing spouse, my career would have taken a different turn,

But then, I must know I get bored, very quickly of patterns!

Setting up home ever so often, surely does give a heart burn,

One that makes you think harder, not that causes concern.

Looking for a school, you must use a lot of discern,

Knowing full well, that you should constantly learn, unlearn and relearn.

Finding the right tailor, grocery and maid,

Is not a small task I am afraid,

Just a matter of time and all fears will be allayed!

Can’t let this all bog me down,

It was my choice to step down,

Although I have may got many a thumbs-down,

It is not as if, they have given me a face down,

It is now time for me to slow down.

Maybe then, the elusive one will touch down!

Enjoy I must whilst on this Avatar,

The next one, you never know, may not be very far!


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