Meet my ‘Friend’!

My new friend is a cute, soft, comforting thing that I can hug and play with but Mumma looks concerned. She finds my friend 'girly'.


Hi everybody 😃

I am already one now, and I am having a blast these days. I just love playing with kitchen utensils, bucket, cosmetics, clothes, curtains, food, water and everything around 😂.

Pheww! There is a whole ocean of things to explore and experience. I don’t want to miss out on anything😜. Mumma says I am growing up fast.

So recently I made a new friend. It’s a cute, soft, comforting thing that I can hug and play with. Mumma looks quite concerned about it. She finds my friend a little ‘girly’. She expects me to play with cars, trains, football. But I love playing and cuddling my new friend.

Hey, do u guys also believe that boys should like only trucks, cars, trains and running around? And girls should stick to dolls and playing house, and dressing up? What is this thought of “acting like a girl” or “acting like a boy”? Is there something known as “boy” toys and “girl” toys? Why so much pressure on gender roles? My teenyweeny mind needs an authentic reason😯.

Mumma always says that we love a lot of things in life, but fear about perceptions prevents us from doing what we want to do. But, at this moment isn’t she stopping me from doing what I love and is completely harmless? She is getting embarrassed when I don’t play with what our culture considers to be the gender appropriate toy.

Mumma, please don’t make a big deal about it. It is just another toy. Toys do not have a gender. That’s a silly adult idea that u are imposing on me.

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As parents, you need to encourage little boys like me to help me nurture my soft side (yes boys have one). Have you noticed that boys are often much more snuggly and cuddly than little girls? Yes, we know, u want us to be masculine and strong, but there is a great strength in showing softer aspects of compassion and kindness also. Right?

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