Let The Child In You Be Alive And Defeat Depression

Do not stop having fun as you grow. Thwart the demon of depression by keeping the child in you alive. 

Do not stop having fun as you grow. Thwart the demon of depression by keeping the child in you alive. 

The solutions of all health related conditions seem to be in our own hand or to be precise in our own head. Research suggests that depression is the cause of all major psychological ailments. But, surprisingly even the physical problems faced in the so called modern era are caused by depression.

Why is that the small things perturb us so much so that it affects our physical and mental well being? Well it does so much so that the whole body considers it as a crisis and prepares to fight accordingly, leaving no option but to continuously target the brain.

When one gets late for work, one becomes upset, seeing a dent in car makes one upset, too much sugar in the coffee makes one upset. Not burning enough calories makes one upset, not receiving an important mail upsets one and so on. Everything that happens around us just seems to upset us. Well it’s the hormones that play a major role in deciding how we feel and react but vice versa is also true.

Our Brain is a mastermind, you can train it in any direction, change perception any time and most importantly regulate the whole body accordingly .If you happen to miss out the fun of enjoying a small candy bar over an argument with a friend/ colleague then it’s an alarm that your mind needs to be trained! Training the mind is easier because it obeys us in the conscious hours and indeed is a very quick learner!

Next time you get irritated with your boss’s attitude just tell your brain “if we could handle our impossible principal in school with so much fun then he is just a simpler version of it. Besides, we have the whole office to back us up like the last benchers’ group that meet in canteen to discuss the grave concerns of mixing mentos in coke, playing after finishing the horrifying math sums and so on. If we could handle all that in those days, there seems to be no reason why we can’t get over an inflamed boss amidst the cooling breeze of the AC.

Train your mind that you have overcome much worse situations that too while having fun, so there is no point in letting that balloon of enjoyment fly away just because your waist line has increased or the number of gray hair has exponentially raised or no longer they have sponge bob tooth brush in adults section. Let none of these changes affect the child in you to enjoy the worst situations, so that you can easily thrash the roots of self victimizing ,vivaciously vulnerable , over-rated agony inducing condition called – ‘depression’.

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